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insurance against loss due to theft or traffic accidents

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In the suit, Allstate alleges FINR conducted an insurance fraud "scheme" causing Allstate to pay fraudulent claims for unnecessary medical services given to Allstate customers insured under Michigan automobile insurance policies.
With the rising costs of medical care, it is recommended that drivers protect themselves by purchasing both of these additional coverages on their automobile insurance policies.
The regulators said that drivers who work with services such as Lyft and Uber 'may not be covered by their personal automobile insurance policies while driving for hire.
Gutierrez said that a 2007 Federal Trade Commission report found racial proxy effects in pricing for collision, comprehensive and bodily injury automobile insurance policies.
Appraisal gains on their stockholdings and a pickup in sales of automobile insurance policies also contributed to pushing up their profits, the six insurers said.
plan to start selling in August automobile insurance policies with premiums varying accordance to risk, company officials said Wednesday.
A former Los Angeles insurance agent has been arrested on suspicion of selling fake automobile insurance policies.
About Travelers of Massachusetts Travelers of Massachusetts is the brand name for all personal automobile insurance policies issued by Premier Insurance Company of Massachusetts, an independent, single-state subsidiary of The Travelers Indemnity Company.
Collector cars require different automobile insurance policies than regular vehicles; the trick for owners is choosing the one that meets their needs and falls within a reasonable rate; here are guidelines to help owners in the hunt for a proper policy
It is also expected to offer automobile insurance policies in Hawaii in 2009.
CCC said it will begin by offering automobile insurance policies as many of the 18.
Bristol West Insurance Group's OneStep is a Web-based point-of-sale underwriting system that allows producers to underwrite, quote, issue and service private-passenger automobile insurance policies.
said Thursday it has developed an adapter that automatically connects holders of its automobile insurance policies to its accident information center for advice when they insert it into mobile phones.
Upon completion, participants will receive a DMV certificate that may entitle adults age 55 years and older to a discount on the liability portion of most automobile insurance policies.
Its principal operating subsidiaries are TrustWay Insurance Agencies, LLC ("Agency"), which primarily sells personal automobile insurance policies through its 45 retail agencies, AssuranceAmerica Managing General Agency LLC ("MGA"), which markets the company's insurance products through over 2,200 participating independent agencies, and AssuranceAmerica Insurance Company ("Carrier").
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