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insurance against loss due to theft or traffic accidents

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Fleet renewal of automobile insurance policies and related risks, risks to the statutory staff contributor to the CNRACL for the needs of the City and the CCAS of the Grau du Roi in the Gard (30).
PCI has been working at state and local levels to make it clear that standard personal automobile insurance policies do not cover any damages or losses when a car is being used for commercial ridesharing.
This bill allows for retroactive cancellation in New York of newly issued automobile insurance policies to prevent this type of fraud.
Megill allegedly submitted 10 motor vehicle registration applications for vehicles that falsely indicated the vehicles were insured by valid New Jersey automobile insurance policies when, in fact, they were not.
Most camp automobile insurance policies include liability protection for the use of non-owned and hired automobiles.
However, separate from tort law, all automobile insurance policies sold in Alberta provide for me payment of accident and disability benefits.
She obtained a $375,000 award plus $100,000 in prejudgment interest, an amount well in excess of the $25,000 per person liability limits in both the Davidson and Klause automobile insurance policies issued by State Farm.
subscription of automobile insurance policies to the needs of Caf participant control group: Caf Haute-Savoie, Isre Caf, Caf Ardche, mills Caf, Caf Le Puy-en-Velay, Caf de Savoie, Caf de l~Ain, Loire Caf, Caf de Clermont-Ferrand, Aurillac Caf, Caf du Rhne, Caf de la Drme .
The regulators said that drivers who work with services such as Lyft and Uber 'may not be covered by their personal automobile insurance policies while driving for hire.
In addition to risk retention, the two associations also agreed to support legislation to provide coverage for rental vehicles under the provisions of private passenger automobile insurance policies issued in New York.
Gutierrez said that a 2007 Federal Trade Commission report found racial proxy effects in pricing for collision, comprehensive and bodily injury automobile insurance policies.
Appraisal gains on their stockholdings and a pickup in sales of automobile insurance policies also contributed to pushing up their profits, the six insurers said.
plan to start selling in August automobile insurance policies with premiums varying accordance to risk, company officials said Wednesday.
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