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Synonyms for automatic

Synonyms for automatic

acting or happening without apparent forethought, prompting, or planning

performed or performing automatically and impersonally

Synonyms for automatic

a pistol that will keep firing until the ammunition is gone or the trigger is released

operating with minimal human intervention

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resembling the unthinking functioning of a machine

without volition or conscious control

References in classic literature ?
At first, Borckman's automatic jammed, and he received a caution from Van Horn for his carelessness in not keeping it clean and thin- oiled.
And Captain Van Horn, who ruled the Arangi in bare legs, a loin cloth, and a sixpenny under-shirt, and ran cannibal blacks back and forth in the blackbird trade with an automatic strapped to his body waking and sleeping and with his head forfeit in scores of salt- water villages and bush strongholds, and who was esteemed the toughest skipper in the Solomons where only men who are tough may continue to live and esteem toughness, blinked with sudden moisture in his eyes, and could not see for the moment the puppy that quivered all its body of love in his arms and kissed away the salty softness of his eyes.
You-all move your chair alongside, Guggenhammer; and you-all Dowsett, sit right there, while I just irrelevantly explain the virtues of this here automatic.
The deciding factor was not the big automatic pistol, but the certitude that Daylight would use it.
With the automatic swiftness of a wild animal the black gathered himself to spring.
At length the hauling-chains, the air-chambers, and the automatic grappling-irons were put on board.
An outside observer, unable to perceive the accompanying consciousness, might be wholly at a loss to discriminate between the automatic acts and those which volition escorted.
To take extreme cases, every animal at birth can take food by instinct, before it has had opportunity to learn; on the other hand, no one can ride a bicycle by instinct, though, after learning, the necessary movements become just as automatic as if they were instinctive.
You see the European war has called for the use of a large number of aeroplanes, and as the pilots of them frequently have to fight, and so can not give their whole attention to the machines, some form of automatic stabilizer is needed to prevent them turning turtle, or going off at a wrong tangent.
He said it was an impressive thing to observe two men, who had been cured by the two processes, engaged in conversation--said their pauses and accompanying movements were so continuous and regular that a stranger would think himself in the presence of a couple of automatic machines.
There are two key factors in this dominance: (1) the extra cost in purchase price of automatic transmissions; (2) the in-built prejudice against automatics.
They have long been banned in some states, and no new automatics have legally entered civilian circulation in the United States since 1986.
Among the most popular machines are container printers, flatbed automatics, cylinder presses, flatbed semi-automatics, manual printers, web presses, and presses for close-tolerance work.
To help specify this product and to bring it quickly to market, Cognex has entered into a multi-year agreement with Horton Automatics, a leading manufacturer of automatic doors headquartered in Corpus Christi, Texas.
Among the most popular machines are container printers, flatbed automatics, cylinder presses, flat-bed semi-automatics, manual ACKERMAN GOULD CO.
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