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a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released

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LAHORE -- The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday set aside the Interior Ministry's notification suspending licenses of automatic weapon holders.
He said the government also directed the licence holders to convert their automatic weapons into non-automatic weapons, apply for new licences and deposit their automatic weapons along with Rs50,000 per automatic rifle and Rs20,000 per automatic pistol/handgun with the concerned authorities.
And there are no records of the identities of those allowed automatic weapons in that period.
He said Pakistan was only country in the world where ordinary people were given licenses of automatic weapons.
In his first speech in the National Assembly following his election as prime minister on August 1,Abbasi had announced plans for cancelling all automatic weapons licenses, saying the government would seize all automatic weapons and compensate the people in return.
The mining firms had been allowed by the PNP Civil Security Group and the Firearms and Explosive Units to buy automatic weapons.
PNP Directorate for Logistics Director Juanito Vano said the PNP had not procured automatic weapons and helmets recently.
A group of armed separatist militants mounted the attack on an army convey using rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons killing 20 army personnel and injuring 11 others in the worst such attack on Indian army in recent past.
Summary: Preventive Security Department's personnel on Thursday raided two houses falling within its jurisdiction, and found 23 pieces of individual and automatic weapons, including a 500 mm machine gun caliber, in addition to a large amount of ammunition used for these weapons.
Meanwhile, in a major ceasefire violation that lasted throughout the night, Pakistani troops resorted to heavy mortar shelling and fired with automatic weapons at 20 Border Out Posts and civilian areas along the International Border in Jammu sector, leaving a villager injured.
WASHINGTON - Militia fighters stole hundreds of American-supplied automatic weapons and other equipment in a raid on a Libyan base where the US was training local forces, bringing an abrupt end to the secretive program, a report said Tuesday.
Sturgess collection is the subject of a recently completed three volume treatise on automatic weapons titled, "The Borchardt and Luger Automatic Pistols: A Technical History for Collectors from C93 to P.
Security forces manning the Al-Kharouba checkpoint in Sheikh Zuweid have arrested an armed militant who attacked the checkpoint early Sunday morning using automatic weapons.
The percentages of Americans favoring background checks on gun buyers and limits on the sales of automatic weapons also increased after the shootings, according the poll.
Meanwhile, shelling and automatic weapons fire reported Monday in several districts of Aleppo, killing eight civilians and one rebel commander, said the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR).
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