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a transmission that automatically changes the gears according to the speed of the car

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5, 10-speeds were achieved using the same number of shift elements when compared to 8- speed automatic transmissions.
will further increase its six-speed automatic transmission annual production capacity beyond the previously planned 400,000 units, announced in February 2011 and targeted for the end of 2012, to 520,000 units by the summer of 2013.
By switching the source of automatic transmission supply in Malaysia to local production from imports from Japan, the automaker aims to lower transport costs and risk of foreign exchange fluctuations for its vehicle production in the country.
BorgWarner is honored to join CDUI and its 12 Chinese OEM partners in bringing the benefits of DualTronic technology--improved fuel economy, lower emissions and a dynamic yet comfortable driving experience--to the growing automatic transmission market in China.
A 282-horsepower V-8 and 5-speed automatic transmission give the 740s performance that could embarrass a number of sports cars, and the bank-vault body structure, legendary BMW suspension design, and sophisticated traction control system promise handling and responsiveness that belie the car's 2-ton-plus weight.
The rising demand for hybrid/electric commercial vehicles and mega- and vocational trucks, all stemming from urbanization, is likely to increase the installation of semi-automatic and automatic transmissions in medium-heavy-duty trucks, says the analyst of this research.
The fully automatic transmission, for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, will be offered globally and is targeted for release in 2020.
automatic transmissions used on vehicles comprising the City of Laredo automotive fleet.
RAY: But, in general, we do believe that modern automatic transmissions do as well as or better than manual transmissions, as far as mileage.
of the United States for marketing automatic transmissions after the alliance contract expires next Tuesday.
The primary requirements and customer benefits underpinning the further development of automatic transmissions," said Wagner, "include a reduction of fuel consumption, a reduction of pollution, vehicle performance improvement, increasing torque capacity, greater comfort, sportiness, noise reduction, resource conservation, and competitiveness.
Americans began making the shift to automatic transmissions almost 60 years ago, when Oldsmobile introduced the Hydra-matic Drive.
There are improvements in body structure and smoother-shifting five-speed manual and four-speed electronically controlled automatic transmissions.
ZF has been nominated for another important order from Nissan to provide six-speed automatic transmissions for a new light commercial vehicle, which will be designed and built specifically for the North American market.
NYSE: ALSN), a manufacturer of commercial-duty automatic transmissions, has signed a contract with China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Corp.
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