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the use of computers to translate from one language to another

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Such automatic translations, Lee adds, are potentially offensive and can give prospective students a negative impression of the institution.
Otavio Good, one of the developers behind the Word Lens, told TechCrunch that the app uses text recognition to work out what the word or phrase is, and then automatic translation software translates it into the new language.
NOVEMBER 29 -- The European Patent Office (EPO) announces an agreement with the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China (SIPO) to make automatic translation tools for patents publicly available within one year.
Lexifone is utilizing voice to text and natural language technologies to produce an automatic translation service that will enable users to call a number, say a sentence or ask a question in their own language, and have it automatically translated into another language.
Word L ens us e s t e x t recognition to work out what the word or phrase is, and then automatic translation software turns it into the new language.
Google has added Latin to its automatic translation service, allowing Bulgarians to translate for the first time into the dead language.
Meirion Prys Jones, chief executive of the Welsh Language Board, said: "The board advises all public bodies not to use automatic translation unless they have access to a qualified translator to edit the text afterwards.
The country's bid includes ultra-realistic holographic broadcasts of games, a virtual camera technology that would allow viewers to see the action from almost any angle, and smartphone-like devices that would provide automatic translation.
During the first four years of the GALE program, BBN met or exceeded almost all the accuracy goals for automatic translation of Arabic news-related text and broadcast news into English.
Google software technicians are building on existing technologies in voice recognition and automatic translation to create a phone application that would be able translate a foreign language almost instantly.
lt;p>Some people dream of being able to combine speech recognition and automatic translation into a sort of universal translator, allowing anyone to speak with anyone else, said Schmidt.
VoxOx users can access the automatic translation by opening up the VoxOx Universal Messaging Window, a chat window within VoxOx client, and then selecting their language and their contact's language before sending text and chat messages, e-mails or Twitter @replies (public messages directed to specific users).
Besides,Machine Translation software (MTs) has also been developed to perform the automatic translation from English to Urdu which is a step towards availing all the information in Urdu.
In August the Internet giant added automatic translation to Google Docs allowing users to translate documents into 42 languages.
The book explores the practical implications and applications of how computers and other communications technologies can be used to analyze and process natural languages, and examines the design of communication systems and devices such as automatic translation devices, mobile phones, voice recognition devices, and all kinds of computer systems involving a human language component.
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