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the production of small nonopening self-pollinating flowers

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The Self-compatibility and automatic self-pollination is a common phenomenon in many species of Fabaceae (BORGES, 2006; JACOBI et al.
However, before opening the anthers are already dehiscent, and therefore the pollen grains adhere on the stigma, causing automatic self-pollination.
Thus, although SC is likely frequent in the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, the level of autogamy (automatic selfing within the same flower) seems to be quite low, at least in comparison with the Galapagos flora, where 26 of the 29 native and endemic species examined experimentally showed some degree of automatic self-pollination (McMullen, 1987, 1990).
Then, on 12 plants randomly chosen from the 30 representatives of each generation, we measured a suite of reproductive characters including self-compatibility, cross-compatibility, anther-stigma proximity, corolla tube length, level of automatic self-pollination, seed-set from automatic self-pollination (autogamy), level of anther indehiscence (P.
Automatic self-pollination may be selected for environments where pollinator visitation is limited.
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