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The court on Thursday ordered Dutt to surrender to police within four weeks on the charge of possessing three automatic rifles and a pistol that had been supplied to him by men subsequently convicted in the bombing.
SRINAGAR, India (TAP) - Two militants hiding automatic rifles and grenades in cricket kit opened fire on a paramilitary camp on the Indian side of Kashmir on Wednesday, killing five Indian personnel and wounding five, police said.
Well, now the Marines have decided to reduce the number of SAWs in the rifle squad and to simply replace them with automatic rifles.
Head of the Customs Authority Mohamed Zumam told Saba that the initial information on the new arms shipment showed that there are 115 of T14 Turkish automatic rifles ,and there are 63 cartons will be inventoried and each carton contains 60 automatic rifles.
The clashes erupted as armed men belonging to Islamic militant groups attacked the North Sinai security headquarters in the town of Al-Arish at dawn using rocket propelled grenades and automatic rifles, one official said.
Four of the dacoits had pistols while five had automatic rifles.
It confirmed the guns were VZ58 automatic rifles, similar in appearance to the infamous AK47 weapon.
A statement from the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said the troops came under attack with automatic rifles and hand grenades as they targeted the insurgent leader.
In the 1940s we didn't have body armour or automatic rifles.
An armed group attacked a wedding party in southeastern Turkey on Monday with grenades and automatic rifles, killing at least 45 people, media reports said.
A group of masked assailants carrying automatic rifles attacked a wedding party on Monday in Bilge village, killing 44 people including the bride and the groom.
Security sources inside the camp told The Daily Star that masked gunmen carrying automatic rifles shot Khatib, who died instantly.
The weapons seized included automatic rifles, launchers, light and medium machine-guns, and RPG-7 shells," the source added.
BRITISH holidaymakers have been robbed on a coach by bandits wielding automatic rifles and grenades.
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