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a pistol that will keep firing until the ammunition is gone or the trigger is released

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Rescue worker Laurent Vibert said the man used at least two automatic pistols, and 50 shells were scattered inside the meeting room.
Favourite weapons include Spectra sub- machine guns, Russian-made Kalashnikovs and Astra automatic pistols.
The Pack also features new weapons such as automatic pistols and 'The Skeeter' for additional artillery in multiplayer games and select single-player levels.
38 automatic pistols demonstrated that that caliber was insufficient, the importance of preparing a .
DETECTIVES smashed an underworld gun plot when they seized a car carrying 10 automatic pistols yesterday.
EIGHT people were killed and 30 others injured when a man opened fire with automatic pistols at the end of a Paris city council meeting.
Yesterday three raiders, armed with revolvers and automatic pistols, pounced on the international as he left his home in Sao Paulo.
357 Magnum revolvers, three Glock semi- automatic pistols and 120 rounds of .
They detained him after allegedly handing over cash for two automatic pistols and ammunition.
TWO gunrunners, who supplied weapons to criminals in Delhi and the NCR region, have been arrested along with 16 semi- automatic pistols.
The arrests sparked fears that automatic pistols and sub-machine guns may have reached criminals and terrorists.
The haul includes deadly sawn-off shotguns, automatic pistols and high-powered crossbows.
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