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a cognitive state in which you act without self-awareness

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a navigational device that automatically keeps ships or planes or spacecraft on a steady course

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The enabling piece of the concept is the automation, high reliability, and redundancy of the flight control system that permits automatic landings without requiring massive ground infrastructures, he points out.
Consequently we were diverted to Bristol airport which has full automatic landing technology.
The automatic landing software uses a differential global positioning system which provides an accurate cross section of where the aircraft is in space and in relation to the ground, the company said.
Aurora Flight Sciences, a US-based company that designs and manufactures unmanned aircraft, has completed an initial fully automatic landing of its Centaur, optionally-piloted, aircraft.
They would not be necessary in the planned space plane - which comes equipped with a crew escape and automatic landing systems.
The agreement was signed with Japan International Cooperation Agency on $20 million financing this year for construction of the cargo terminal, procurement of equipment for aircraft automatic landing equipment, other aeronautical equipment at Dushanbe International Airport.
The automatic landing capability of the A350 XWB was also successfully demonstrated during a local flight performed at Johannesburg.
Salalah: The ground tests of navigational aid devices of aircraft automatic landing systems on the runway of the new airport project in Salalah ended successfully on Sunday.
The ground test of navigation aid devices of automatic landing systems for aircraft on the new runway were successfully completed.
FAA mandates that foreign airlines must use automatic landing aids when approaching San Francisco airport The US FAA has mandated that foreign airlines must use automatic landing aids, instead of visual cues, when approaching San Francisco airport where an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 crashed.
The Honeywell system for the C919 includes a complete autoflight system with automatic landing capability.
The selected system will be required to provide reconnaissance and target acquisition services for ground artillery, and should also have an automatic landing capability.
the vertical take-off and landing UAV features auto-pilot, automatic landing, auto hover and GPS tracking.
Automatic landing is effected with the Ruag-developed Opats (Object Position And Tracking Sensor), a laser-based system which takes over control of the aircraft in a 'window' and brings it down with high accuracy to the touchdown point just after shutting down the engine with the twin-blade propeller in the horizontal position.
The failure of an automatic landing system meant that aircraft could not land at the airport, and flights were diverted to the airports of Billund, Tirstrup, Aalborg and Sturup in Sweden, and to Hamburg in Germany.
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