soap dispenser

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dispenser of liquid soap

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Savings are generated from automatic soap dispensers with portion control.
of windows in the annex, - dismantling electrical and sanitary installations in the additional building - installation of new electrical and sanitary installations in the annexe , - finishing works in an annex - floor tiles, veneer wall tiles, plaster works, plaster, painting, - installation of the equipment sanitary facilities - puncture transition to annex - installation of elevators 8 passenger with a capacity of 630 kg with dimensions of 110 x 140 cm undervalued pit and headroom of the engine room elevator ski hire in the room with glass - complete equipment for sanitary facilities in the mirror, automatic soap dispensers, dryers pocket to hand, pedal bins and toilet brushes (tuba standing with lid), fittings, stainless steel
Little touches like stylish cutlery mark it out from the ordinary - and you must try the automatic soap dispensers in the elegant toilets.
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