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the use of computers to translate from one language to another

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So can you create a middle ground by improving the automated translation process and combining it with human review?
So you can't just rely on automated translation services.
The best text output for voice translation is blocks, phrases, or sentences, because automated translation is most successful when converting text into another language that contains subject, verb, and object.
But if you're looking for localized streams--whether closed captioned or subtitled files--to search content on the Internet or digital archive, then an automated translation can do.
MessageLabs Intelligence reveals that one technique contributing to these unprecedented levels, predominantly in non-English language countries, is the use of automated translation services and templates enabling spam runs to operate in multiple languages.
In the case of a system like BMS, this means that humans can definitely look at the information being presented in the automated translation and get the "gist" of what is being said.
Worldwide Computer Products News-15 October 2008-SDL releases SDL Automated Translation Solutions(C)1995-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
A majority of delegations would welcome the idea of exploring solutions making use of automated translation systems," the document reads.
Should Becher have been able to use a computer or a calculating machine, no one would doubt to qualify his invention like the first attempt to develop an automated translation system.
machine translation or automated translation in non-English speaking settings, but rather referring to the inadequacies and adequacies of MT at certain pragmatic levels, lacking the right sense and dynamic equivalence, but producing syntactically well-formed or meaning-extractable outputs in restricted settings.
The automated translation technology is capable of translating entire Web sites in a matter of minutes and you do not need to know the translated language.
com), a globalization management system (GMS) that integrates closely with clients' content management systems (such as Microsoft or Interwoven) or even a free, automated translation support facility (www.
A joint declaration adopted at the meeting held in Marrakech committed the three countries to develop automated translation and Web search functions so that Internet users in the three countries would have unfettered access to information on the other countries while using their own language in surfing the Web.
With the automated translation process and improved problem interrogation on this particular program, we reduced overall translation time by 50 percent.
Automated translation systems one day could allow people who speak different languages to communicate freely.
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