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Synonyms for automation

the act of implementing the control of equipment with advanced technology

the condition of being automatically operated or controlled

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equipment used to achieve automatic control or operation

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However, it was also noted that automated method requires extra efforts by the students to learn the accurate interpretation of the results.
These results suggest that the Brahimi's counting method is better correlated to the automated method with a little bias, but this later needs an automated red blood cell count in order to achieve the platelet count.
16 December 2013 - US diagnostics services company Precision Therapeutics Inc disclosed today data from a feasibility study supporting the utility of a novel automated method for extracting quality RNA for use in its GeneFx Colon microarray-based signature.
Agreement between the results obtained by manual and automated method for one hour is given below (Fig.
The system replaces error-prone manual processes used to administer medications and treatments with an automated method to manage and document care.
A more automated method is to introduce the foamable resin at the beginning of the cycle-either in the form of a foamable pellet dispersion that melts more slowly than the powdered resin or using foaming agent inside a sealed plastic bag that melts during the process.
Ordinate offers an automated method for evaluating spoken language proficiency based on voice recognition technology for educational, commercial and governmental organizations.
Instead, using Right Hemisphere's Deep Server software solution allows a highly automated method of repurposing the Comanche 3D CAD data and integrating it directly into the courseware for training and maintenance purposes.
Serials E-Checkin offers libraries an automated method of tracking e-journals, using XML input from the serials vendors or e-journal publishers to record the check-in transactions.
Customers will need a robust and automated method of distributing those patches.
The system can run ten high-pressure closed vessels simultaneously while providing an automated method to digest the most difficult samples.
GeneQuence Salmonella combines the superior specificity of DNA hybridization technology with the ability to rapidly process up to 372 samples at once using a fully automated method, or a small number of samples via a non-automated approach.
We previously validated a new automated method for measuring direct renin (5), and because there was little, if any, information on the evaluation of a similar method for aldosterone, we applied this automated method to measure PAC and compared the results with those obtained from a standard extraction method.
has released an enhanced version of its sales and bonus commissions system, Alltel's Commissions System, which gives communications carriers an automated method of calculating employee commissions on highly flexible sales plans, a variety of bonus options, and multiple chargeback methods.
Their goal is to develop a reliable, automated method for analyzing microscope images of cells, Malladi says.
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