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Synonyms for automation

the act of implementing the control of equipment with advanced technology

the condition of being automatically operated or controlled

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equipment used to achieve automatic control or operation

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In the manual method, the physician order is sent to the pharmacy via fax or courier, whereas in the automated method, the physician order is scanned and sent electronically to a computer monitor in the pharmacy.
GeneQuence Salmonella combines the superior specificity of DNA hybridization technology with the ability to rapidly process up to 372 samples at once using a fully automated method, or a small number of samples via a non-automated approach.
We previously validated a new automated method for measuring direct renin (5), and because there was little, if any, information on the evaluation of a similar method for aldosterone, we applied this automated method to measure PAC and compared the results with those obtained from a standard extraction method.
In contrast, automated full-blood-count is regarded as routine for febrile patients, and the new automated method has the potential to detect additional, unsuspected cases, in which clinical suspicion did not lead to requests for malaria testing.
Their goal is to develop a reliable, automated method for analyzing microscope images of cells, Malladi says.
ActionManager applications provide an automated method for managers to plan, schedule, and administer virtually every time-consuming task in the store.
5 software includes Method Forge, an automated method builder, designed to reduce method development time, optimize efficiency, and simplify day-to-day sample analysis.
a worldwide, direct marketing and targeted media company, today announced that its data quality services offering, Harte-Hanks Advanced Data Quality (ADQ), has been enhanced to include LACSLink, a United States Postal Service(R) (USPS) product that provides mailers with an automated method of obtaining new addresses whenever a rural-style address is changed to a city- style address.
Initial experiments indicated that the automated method was only 50% as efficient as the manual method for recovery of both CMV genomic DNA and the QS, as judged by the total absorbance of the amplified products (data not shown).
A new automated method for the quantitative determination of C-peptide in human serum, plasma, or urine is available for use on the ARCHITECT immunoassay analyzer.
Users can choose from an automated method (using Waste Manager(TM) Software), step-by-step method or a manual method of reporting.
has developed another automated method of placing prepreg tows on complex-shaped tools.
1 million notices annually with the use of a new automated method.
Other benefits include liquid stable reagents with long shelf life, complete kit in a ready-to-use format, with a rapid, fully automated method, and detailed instrument parameter information.
An automated method of sorting chromosomes is expected to speed genetic research and to allow genetic screening of more pregnancies.
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