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the use of computers to translate from one language to another

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Given the international and multilingual environment in which most of our customers operate, automated language translation technology provided by Language Weaver will bring us another step forward in managing the ever Language Weaver and empolis Integrate Applications, growing amount of information to deliver the right information at the right time to the right person -- irrespective of the source language," said Dr.
com/) is a human communications solutions company and leader in automated language translation, delivering volume, speed and accuracy to ensure effective communications.
Language Weaver, a leader in automated language translation solutions, needed to control costs fueled by their explosive annual data growth, comprised mostly of ASCII and HTML data stored on NetApp 6030 filers.
Integrating Language Weaver software into ZyIMAGE enables us to provide the industry's most innovative and comprehensive automated language translation solution available on the market today.
Armedia's customer based solution integrates EMC Documentum with Language Weaver's statistical machine translation software, enabling automated language translation capabilities for EMC Documentum users from within any of Documentum's familiar web interfaces.
Translate TV - A real time automated language translation application utilized by broadcast media.
Kontrib uses Language Weaver's automated language translation software, a proprietary software engine developed using statistical methodology, or mathematical probability algorithms, to automatically translate English, Spanish, French and Arabic-language news items and postings into any or all of these languages.
LOS ANGELES -- Language Weaver, a leading software company developing enterprise software for the automated translation of human languages, today announced it will demonstrate multiple applications where automated language translation has been integrated with communications programs that help the homeland security and U.
Transparent Language creates and markets a broad range of software tools for language learning, foreign language reference, and automated language translation.
Language Weaver, a leading software company developing enterprise software for automated language translation, today announced it has added a support option for the most recent version of its statistical machine translation software, SMTS version 4.
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