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an instrument that performs analyses


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Since then, continuous scientific and technological advances as well as developments in robotics and information technology have led to the introduction of the wide range of automated analyzers currently in the market, which can be applied to different working laboratory environments.
The tests were initially performed on plasma samples with the Hitachi 917 automated analyzer (Roche Diagnostics) using the Roche total bilirubin assay and the Roche HDL-C Plus assay.
In 2005, studies were undertaken at Massachusetts General Hospital to report on the accuracy of white cell classification by an automated analyzer versus a microscopic differential review by a laboratorian.
The immunoassay can be adapted to an automated analyzer, and a large number of samples can be measured in a short time.
Tenders are invited for Automated Analyzer For Vitamin B12
The modified automated TIBC assay was carried out with the Model 7070 automated analyzer from Hitachi (also known as the Model 911).
1 Buy fully automated analyzer with NAT diagnostics to detect pathogens in Annex 3 allergoloogiliste, autoimmune and kalprotektiini analyzes.
Cotinine was measured on a Beckman CX7 automated analyzer, although other automated analyzers (open systems) can presumably be used.
Tenders are invited for Reagents and consumables for coagulation testing on the automated analyzer "closed" type ACL Elite Pro manufactured by Instrumentation laboratory Co.
The serum apoE concentration was determined by turbidimetric immunoassay using a commercially available kit (ApoE Auto N DAIICHI; Daiichi) and a Hitachi 7170 automated analyzer.
Contract notice: Fully automated analyzer hormone laboratory salk.
Utilizing an automated analyzer with single-use, disposable assays, the system can also help assess patient response to other antiplatelet medications such as aspirin, clopidogrel, prasugel, and GP IIb/IIIa inhibitors.
The instrument seamlessly integrates with the company's i 1000SR immunoassay analyzer to form the ci4100, an automated analyzer that completes both immunoassay and chemistry tests on one platform.
Urinary protein as measured with a pyrogallol red-molybdate complex, manually and in a Hitachi 726 automated analyzer.
This proposed method and the conventional (comparison) methods were performed with the Hitachi Model 7150 automated analyzer.
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