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an instrument that performs analyses


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This is unlikely to be an issue restricted to this platform because most automated analyzers use similar routines to calculate analyte concentrations.
The contract is for the lease of fully automated analyzer for research in immunology transfuzjologicznej by mikrokolumnowa, produced no earlier than in 2012, with software and all necessary equipment, which can be used to perform all routine testing in the field of immunohematologii in blood donors at the Laboratory of Immunology
purchase of allergen-specific reagents to determine the fully automated analyzer.
Contract notice: The contract is for rent for a period of three years a fully automated analyzer for testing immunohematologicznych to the needs of the department of immunology transfuzjologicznej cooperating with has-down by the employer swing twinsampler analyzers and id-reader saxo, with the possibility of transmission-doe all the necessary data to the existing at ordering system computer "blood bank" by asseco poland sa with the supply of reagents and consumables for 36 months by mikrokolumnowa.
Contract notice: Delivery of reagents and consumables required to perform research in the field of immunology transfuzjologicznej the lease fully automated analyzer for performing these tests.
Tenders for management of full service - Rental and service of full risk of fully automated analyzer for performing analysis,- Supply with delivery of all reagents and materials needed indicated in the tender.
1) Flow Cytometer 2) Fully Automated Hematology Analyzer 3)Fully Automated Analyzer With Clotting, Chromogenic & Immunological Assays
The clinical virology product portfolio will be developed for Immunicon's EasyCount[TM] System, which is a small, automated analyzer based on fluorescence microscopy.
Contract notice: Delivery of reagents and consumables, along with the lease of automated analyzers for immunochemical assays.
Among the topics are false-positive drugs of abuse test results due to the use of prescription and non-prescription drugs, when a toxicology report is negative in a suspected overdosed patient: the world of designer drugs, limitations of blood alcohol measurements using automated analyzers and breath analyzers, plant poisoning and the clinical laboratory, interference in immunoassays used to monitor trycyclic antidepressants, and the effect of drug-herb interactions on therapeutic drug monitoring.
Our replacement chemistries are economical and a number of applications are available for many automated analyzers.
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