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Synonyms for automation

the act of implementing the control of equipment with advanced technology

the condition of being automatically operated or controlled

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equipment used to achieve automatic control or operation

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33] Jacques Sakarovitch, Elements of automata theory, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2009, Translated from the 2003 French original by Reuben Thomas.
For example, in mathematical domain, different types of classification problem exists such as functions/relations types in set theory, semi-groups in group theory, normal forms in mathematical logic, types of grammars in automata theory, etc.
In automata theory, promise problems have mainly been used to show how quantum models can do much better than the classical ones when compared to the case of language recognition.
Formal Languages and Automata Theory, Regular Expressions and Finite Automata.
As in the classical automata theory, there are deterministic and non-deterministic finite state automata deals with probabilistic processes [5].
US) present the third edition of their text on switching and finite automata theory for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students in electrical engineering and computer science.
If you find yourself moving deeper into tech stuff in your career in part because you just really enjoy the logic-puzzle aspect of it all, then you'll benefit from and enjoy studying discrete math and automata theory both.
One step toward such a direction might be the research into the relationship between automata theory and neural representations.
Additive Cellular Automata Theory and Applications.
Interestingly, our solution depends on trading some group theory for automata theory.