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production of antibodies against the tissues of your own body

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It binds to the PD-1 receptor (inhibitory programmed death 1) on the inflammatory T-cells that are activated to cause autoimmune reactions.
Histopathological findings including inflammatory cells in a lobular pattern suggest cellular autoimmune reaction against some histological elements of the breasts.
But in subsequent experiments, the scientists could not replicate their main result: a stronger autoimmune reaction in T cells from people with narcolepsy than in those from people without it.
I look pregnant with a big belly in my tutu, but my doctor says it's an autoimmune reaction to eating gluten.
2) This autoimmune reaction activates CD4+ helper T cells, lymphocytes, inflammatory cytokines and mediators that are key in synovial joint damage and destruction.
Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) is an autoimmune reaction to heparin which results in thrombocytopenia.
Several mechanisms have been postulated, including sialolithiasis secretory dysfunction with ductal inspissation, duct abnormalities, infectious agents and an autoimmune reaction (3).
Detection of antibodies to melanocytes and identification in a high antiserum capacity to external segments of photoceptors and Muller's cells at patients with an active uveitis at VKH syndrome, according to many authors, is a releaser in development of autoimmune reaction (see, e.
5 to 3 million people currently suffer from a potentially deadly condition called celiac disease, and it is caused by an adverse autoimmune reaction to gluten (found in wheat, rye and barley).
Localized inflammation, such as that seen with smoking in the lungs, and possibly in the mouth with periodontal disease, leads to an alteration in proteins that is associated with the formation of autoantibodies such as the anti-CCP antibody, and may create an autoimmune reaction, in which the body's immune system starts attacking itself This reaction is the process underlying the joint pain, swelling and stiffness that are the hallmark symptoms of RA, and it is possible that the inflammation of obesity may trigger a similar mechanism.
Miller's team of scientists identified an innovative clinical pathway through mesenchymal stem cell signals that not only protect myelin, which is damaged by the autoimmune reaction in MS, but also facilitates myelin repair.
Just a little gluten sets off an autoimmune reaction in CD sufferers that flattens the villi lining the small intestine, resulting in malnutrition and leading to conditions like anemia, osteoporosis and infertility.
A Celiac disease, which affects an estimated one in every 133 Americans, is characterized by an abnormal autoimmune reaction within the small intestine to gluten, a protein contained in wheat, rye, and barley.
However, for each target tissue, the mechanism of the autoimmune reaction is different.
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