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production of antibodies against the tissues of your own body

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These markers will give you an accurate assessment of what you need to do to treat oxidative stress, inflammation, and autoimmune reactions and the insults to the vascular system.
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA,) is triggered by an autoimmune reaction in which the body's immune system attacks joints and usually other organs in the body also.
Interleukin 17 (IL-17) is secreted by activated T-cells (Th17 cells), and has an important function as an inflammatory mediator * Th17 cells are implied in the pathogenesis of a number of human autoimmune disease conditions and their animal models, including multiple sclerosis and experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis * Th17 cells strongly accumulate in the inflamed central nervous system (CNS) during the autoimmune reaction * Genetic deficiency in IL-17 or pharmacological neutralization of IL-17 leads to amelioration of clinical disease symptoms, but not to their complete abrogation * Short-term systemic presence of microbial stimuli can lead to priming of CNS-autoantigen-specific Th17 cells and subsequent clinical autoimmune disease
A team of researchers said Friday that immune cells that can cause autoimmune diseases among some people will change their targets when a gene regulating autoimmune reaction is modified.
An autoimmune reaction is the most likely cause for the drop.
Scientists at Utah State University in Logan found a strong association between the vaccine and an autoimmune reaction thought to play a role in autism.
Patients suffer from chronic inflammation of the joints, possibly due to an autoimmune reaction, in which the body attacks itself.
Heimbach, MD, of the Burn Center at the University of Washington in Seattle, blames Miles' injuries on an autoimmune reaction called toxic epidermalnecrolysis, also known as Stevens-Johnson syndrome.
In addition, the medications could stop or prevent the autoimmune reaction responsible for destroying the insulin-destroying islet cells in Type 1 diabetes and could be effective in other autoimmune disease such as systematic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.
Miller's team of scientists identified an innovative clinical pathway through mesenchymal stem cell signals that not only protect myelin, which is damaged by the autoimmune reaction in MS, but also facilitates myelin repair.
Human drugs can cure anemia in pets, but carry a high risk of a nearly irreversible autoimmune reaction.
When a child develops such a devastating constellation of symptoms, you'd think his doctors might consider testing for celiac disease, an autoimmune reaction to dietary gluten that can destroy the small intestine.
Whereas doctors previously had tried to beat ITP by using powerful steroids to suppress the autoimmune reaction against platelets, the new approach induces the body to make platelets faster than they are being destroyed, he says.
Viruses are thought to trigger this autoimmune reaction and now vulnerable children, where there's a family history of diabetes, can be tested for markers of future disease.
It is believed to be an autoimmune reaction in which the beta cells of the pancreas are destroyed, leaving the body unable to make insulin, a hormone.
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