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a person who has taught himself

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Rose's work treats the cultural activities of the working classes, such as the autodidact tradition, mutual improvement societies, popular education, pulp fiction, cinema, music, and science, in thirteen chapters, each subdivided into about half a dozen sections.
committed autodidacts, dispelling the mists of superstition and the
Burns's own exploitation of the myth of the peasant genius was a complex piece of self-presentation which, among other things, facilitated deferential relations with his social superiors, and established the image of the autodidact poet as crude and unrefined.
In these circumstances some of the builders could be autodidacts, some of whom turned fully professional and soon achieved excellent results.
I have been an unthinking, blind-faith Darwinist since tenth-grade biology and always inclined, like other expensively educated people, to look down my nose at socially unevolved anti-Darwinists as at best monomaniac autodidacts and at worst what Al Gore once called "the extra-chromosome right.
Therefore, studies that focus on the differences of textbooks written by and for academicians and autodidacts, rural and urban, and elementary and secondary can be good starting points to understand how African-American education was produced throughout various African American communities.
Lyons analyzes 22 autobiographies and workers, most of whom, he acknowledges, were autodidacts whose reading lists showed considerable deference to the literary canon.
Academics are wont to look down on local historians, to regard them as a bunch of well- meaning amateurs and antiquarians, a motley collection of autodidacts and fixated faddists.
We are intuitive people, immediate and spontaneous autodidacts, and pitiless workers, but the mere idea of easy money drives us wild.
With several hundred artists, designers, performers, and musicians, many of them autodidacts, represented by a wide range of original works in different media and extensive photographic and video documentation of their activities over the past thirty years, the exhibition showed to what great extent Brazilian art has been affected by those underground subcultures.
Moore's examination of changing views amongst the "intelligentsia" does not include in this term the kind of autodidacts from humble backgrounds discussed below; his article is populated by the familiar crowd, figures such as Francis Newman, J.
Other more respectable models of mature masculinity, provided by local autodidacts and political or trade union activists, were mirrored in the lifestyles of youths who eschewed the street corner for more respectable, "improving" pursuits.
The incorrect, awkward quality of work by autodidacts, the unflinching disdain for convention often found in children's art, and the accidental quality of graffiti: all served as sources of inspiration for Segui.
As evidenced in the titles of the many group shows in which Castle's work has been included in recent years, the categories used to classify his production range from the geographic to virtually every rubric used to situate the work of autodidacts whose practices lie outside the art world's mainstream distribution networks.
9 It is appropriate to note that several of the leading French surrealists had gone through high levels of academic formation, some had studied medicine, and the rest were autodidacts with a very wide range of readings; the Germans, Spanish, and Central Europeans had similar erudition.