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Synonyms for autoclave

a device for heating substances above their boiling point

subject to the action of an autoclave

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WSF can design and manufacture an autoclave or a complete process system to meet customer specifications and requirements.
High-pressure autoclaves are licensed by DuPont Co.
Unit costs increased due to lower production, the higher mining rate and the expenses associated with the autoclave remediation program.
Evolved over more than 25 years this comprehensive selection from Priorclave includes a variety of styles including bench-top, floor-standing designs for mid and high capacity applications, power door versions as well as double-door autoclaves and choice of steam generation.
The transfer station and autoclaves were permitted in August 1990.
Offers turnkey autoclave installations for composite curing.
Flotation is intended to enrich both gold and sulphur grades, thereby reducing costs, improving the efficiency of the autoclave reaction and increasing production.
All RSC autoclaves are equipped with a patented large hand-wheel door closure system for easy safe opening/closing of the rigid robust hinged door.
The Bio autoclaves are scheduled to be operational by September 1, 1996 and is expected to generate revenues of approximately $1.
AOO15-9_TD / 53094 delivery and installation of two large autoclaves for animalium, especially an A3 autoclave and an SPF autoclave, both from the drive-through type.
Despite the most comprehensive range of laboratory autoclaves there is always someone who wants something different and that is exactly what brought about the development of the newest 60 litre capacity, bench-top autoclave by Priorclave.
Giles, Customer Service Equipment Internal mixer and open mill, calendering, slitter, autoclaves Mixing capabilities: NR, nitrile, EPDM, neoprene, chlorobutyl, butyl, Hypalon, SBR Capacity.
Laminate cycle times can be only 30-40% of those experienced with autoclaves, according to Lockheed.
Contract notice: 20130 Autoclaves for Landspitali hospital.
As with all Astell autoclaves and sterilisers, the Duaclave range is CE marked and manufactured to comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive PD97/23/EC, the Medical Devices Directive MDD 93/42/EEC and all other applicable UK and international standards.