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Synonyms for autoclave

a device for heating substances above their boiling point

subject to the action of an autoclave

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This versatile top-loading autoclave range is available as a standard design or a vacuum model, both versions are electrically heated with the elements contained within the actual chamber for faster and more efficient build-up of high-temperature, pressurised sterilising steam.
Cleaning/Leaching Autoclave Systems-WSF Leaching Autoclave Systems re designed for operation with caustic solutions at elevated temperatures and pressures.
Industries using WSF autoclaves include rubber, plastics and many more.
Autoclaves use various peroxide catalysts; tube reactors use peroxide or air (which generates peroxides at high temperatures) or both.
Throughput was lower than planned as autoclave availability was reduced due to the lining remediation program currently underway.
Ume University procures large floor standing autoclaves.
With over fifty standard autoclaves, models including front and top-loading sterilisers with cylindrical or rectangular stainless steel chambers and with capacities from 40 to 700 litres, Priorclave has made the task of searching for you ideal Priorclave much easier.
A complete line of autoclaves from compact lab models to large production units is available with instrumentation to control program temperature to 850 F, pressure to 800 psig, vacuum, etc.
Gold production for the quarter was lower than originally expected with autoclave availability falling below planned levels.
study, completion and commissioning of autoclaves services for the industrial service of aeronautics: Lot 1: autoclave for the benefit of aia Clermont-Ferrand (autoclave for polymerization of composite materials) Lot 2: autoclave to benefit the aia of Cuers-Pierrefeu (for the activity of composite radomes) division.
To suit a diverse range of applications within food and drink, dairy and research laboratories, Priorclave is able to supply RSC autoclaves with a choice of steam generation--electrical or direct steam heated, alternatively they can be fitted with an in-house steam generator ideal where continuous sterilising applications take place.
Mini-Bonder autoclaves are available for varied research and development or small batch applications, including rubber curing and vulcanizing, composite materials bonding, etc.
A full-size range of prewired and pre-tested autoclaves is supplied.
It operates two 25 ton-per-day autoclaves, which receive waste from generators located throughout the northeastern United States.
Despite the most comprehensive range of laboratory autoclaves there is always someone who wants something different and that is exactly what brought about the development of the newest 60 litre capacity, bench-top autoclave by Priorclave.