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the earliest known inhabitants of a region

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aboriginal, autochthone, jungle-dwelling tribesman, an Irula, Kasava, Urali, Solega, Kurumba (poetic) DEDR 4954.
2012 Die autochthone Religion der Benuaq yon Ost-Kalimantan--eine ethnolinguistische Untersuchung (The autochthonous religion of the Benuaq of East Kalimantan--an ethnolinguistic analysis).
New evidence of Ara autochthones from an archeological site in Puerto Rico: a valid species of West Indian macaw of unknown geographical origin (Aves: Psittacidae).
The status of the West African fish Gobius nigricinctus with reference to New World autochthones and an Old World colour-analogue.
Among the species reported 19 (59 %) are autochthones and 13 (41 %) are introduced.
Represented as the 'first inhabitants of the torrid zone', 'more brutish and fierce' than their conquerors, these supposed black autochthones remained 'sole masters of their ancient possessions' only in New Holland and 'other unknown southern lands' (1756, I:16, 77-80; II:375-80).
After having stripped the autochthones of their land, nothing more remained but to strip them of their bodies.
In the light of the emergence and growth of communities in Yorubaland in particular, it could be said that some of the groups that claimed to be autochthones were in fact earlier or more powerful group of settlers who were challenged by the hostile environment in which they found themselves to seek better accommodation elsewhere.