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It is ultimately through the act of autobiographical writing and an examination of the mother-daughter relationship that Alvarez is able to arrive at a better understanding of her own identity.
What reasons might there be for looking at the early nineteenth century as a moment when autobiographical writing exerted a significant pressure on the world of letters?
The autobiographical writings of three Asperger syndrome adults: problems with interpretation and implications for theory.
She resists participation in the masquerade of autobiographical writing that necessitates "an iconic representation of continuous identity" (Smith 47), choosing instead to problematize the "I" of autobiographical writing.
By contrast, the essay by Vuletic and Ferrari discussing autism and self narration, "A Transfer Boy," is positive and straightforward, offering an informed perspective on autism and providing the "transfer boy," a young boy with autism, with a voice for his autobiographical writing.
As in his first book of memoirs, he cites Andre Malraux's Antimemoires to question the alleged veracity of autobiographical writing as an exercise in self-instropection: "Las unicas autobiografias que existen son las que uno se inventa," Bryce claims, for it is only the capricious act of memory, with an added dose of fiction, that will allow for people, places, and life events to remain in time, thanks to the written word.
While the starting point for this is autobiographical writing, any consideration of such writing and its concerns alters our perception of other writing by alerting us to the presence of autobiographical issues in other texts.
As Elaine Unterhalter shows in "The Work of the Nation: Heroic Masculinity in South African Autobiographical Writing of the Anti-Apartheid Struggle," different kinds of heroic masculinity can fuel the same dream of development.
The history of literary criticism of autobiography shows that definitions of the genre are based on analyses of the literary characteristics of autobiographical writing by men and Western women.
Her analysis of Victorian women's autobiographical writing views it instead as developing within, and utilizing, earlier sub-genres of autobiography as re-constructed by nineteenth-century publishers.
The movie, featuring portions of Arenas's autobiographical writing, is episodic but never less than laser sharp in its indictments.
Darwin Turner, in The Wayward and the Seeking (1980), collected stories, poems, dramas, aphorisms, and a good bit of autobiographical writing.
It's hard to neatly categorize the audience for this: arts readers, fans of autobiographical writing and the essay format, and those interested in the evolution of meaning in life will all find The Object Parade equally compelling.
Such angling puts the chronology we conventionally presume autobiographical writing should have in the background.
The article draws on the different autobiographical writing of Anis--depicting his early upbringing, his education, and his struggle--to draw the profile of a man who has academic, political and artistic interests and stature.