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a biography of yourself

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Manufacturers of instruments: Architect, Abbott Diagnostics (Lake Forest, Illinois);Cobas, Roche Diagnostics (Indianapolis, Indiana); DXI, Beckman Coulter (Brea, California); Centaur, Siemens (Erlangen, Germany);and A2000, Autobio (Zhengzhou, China).
Partiendo de la conviccion de que la identidad se conforma a partir de la narracion, Brooks recurre a novelas y autobio grafias, asi como a textos legales o estudios sobre psicoanalisis.
di scritti autobio grafici di Piero Gobetti curato da Antonicelli per
The meaning of Hladik's life is tied in with his literary writings, and in particular with his unfinished and chaotic autobio graphical play Los enemigos.
Linking narrative and identity construction: using autobio graphy in accounting research.
202, Villa Sinil" is an approachable stab at a humor romance horror autobio mash-up though it feels a little out of sync with the rest of this collection.
org/nobel_prizes/chemistry/laureates/1977/prigogine- autobio.
A wealth of textual evidence is adduced from Roy's canon, unpublished and incomplete works, and Roy's autobio graphical works.
I've been in touch with Roger Straus and Harris about your autobio.
That's the only explanation I know of,'' Charles said in his 1978 autobio graphy,Brother Ray.
Despues de Treitertrends le siguen, por solo nombrar los mas significativos Treitertrends 2 (1970), Laatste treitertrends (1972) (3), Koot graaft zieh autobio (1979) (4), Veertig (1982), Modermismen (1984) (5).
As we are continually listening not only to words that revolve in a type of 'skewed autobio graphy', but also to the tone of the voice that reads and is continually burdened with other rhythms and noise, we are caught physically experiencing the thing -- edging forward to hear what is perceived as missing.
Max's comments were scholarly, precise and will well serve anyone who chooses to concentrate on the nuances involved in translating that autobio graphy.
Autobio graphical and other narratives by Aboriginal and diasporic-Australians serve as political 'tools' by which they can situate themselves and their knowledges in Australia, undermine white stereotypes, define themselves in their own terms, and empower their families and communities more generally.
His collaborator will be Rolling Stone's Mikal Gilmore, whose own 1995 autobio, ``A Shot in the Heart,'' won critical acclaim.