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an expressway in a German-speaking country

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Tank & Rast currently operates 350 filling stations and 390 rest areas on German autobahns.
On this second STARTUP AUTOBAHN EXPO Day, the 28 startups of Program 2 exclusively showcased their results of working 100 days with 9 leading industry players, while they pitched their ideas and pilots in front of the audience.
Keeping momentum, STARTUP AUTOBAHN has its foot on the throttle and program 3 will start in September with new partners on board.
STARTUP AUTOBAHN was founded by Plug & Play, Daimler, University of Stuttgart, and ARENA2036.
The 'ausfahrts' or exits around the Autobahns presented some truly great corners, and the RS Q3 tackled them without any drama.
Autobahn is produced by Joel Silver who has produced a string of major box office hits including Die Hard, The Matrix and Lethal Weapon.
Silver said of Autobahn: "When I first read F Scott Frazier's script for Autobahn, I knew it had the makings of a great action movie.
Sir Anthony Hopkins has signed up to star alongside Sir Ben Kingsley in <Bnew action thriller Autobahn
The researchers have found evidence for each of the phases in data from European autobahns.
This article explores the tourist aspects of the German Autobahn project from 1933 to 1939 and its relation to political propaganda.
The National Socialism's (NS) Autobahn project 1933 to 1939 was preceded by a debate in the years between 1926 and 1933 on the need for a separate highway network in Germany.
But Die Strasse broadened the scope: the NS Autobahn project expanded the single HaFraBa route from Hamburg to Basel to an entire network and regarded the Autobahn as a monument of the NS policy that should last for hundreds of years.
Many interrelated goals were formulated in the NS Autobahn project so that it appeared as an ambivalent project.
12) This policy was supplemented by the NS Autobahn project, although there is no indication of joint planning.
And watch out for the - surprisingly common - stretches of autobahn where speed limits do spring up.