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an antibody acting against tissues of the organism that produces it

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In some of the other hypersensitivity conditions, there is a female predominance, an increased frequency of HT-related autoantibodies and/or positive ANA, and autoimmune mechanisms are also thought to play a role in a subgroup of patients.
ANA autoantibodies, C3c and renal damage between gluten and standard diet group was non-significant.
We strongly suspected neutralizing anti-IFN-[gamma] autoantibodies as the cause because the whole blood IFN-[gamma] level with mitogen stimulation was low, as determined using an IFN-[gamma]-releasing assay (QuantiFERON TB 3G; Cellestis, Carnagie, VIC, Australia).
Various studies have reported that autoantibodies to CA isoenzymes increase during the course of some immunological diseases.
We also determined that mental retardation was frequent in patients with voltage-gated potassium channel antibodies in our large HS cohort screened for various neuronal autoantibodies.
Markusse, MD, PhD, and her colleagues at Leiden (the Netherlands) University Medical Center collected data on nailfold videocapillaroscopy (NVC) patterns and SSc-specific autoantibodies from a cross section of 287 patients in an established SSc cohort (Rheumatology [Oxford], 2016 Dec 10.
By gel filtration, cTnI autoantibodies were demonstrated to bind to cTnI when cTnI was associated with troponins T and C (the I-T-C ternary complex).
In addition, we also intended to reveal the correlation between anti-SmD1[sub]83-119 antibody and other autoantibodies in cSLE.
Women with endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome or premature ovarian failure have very often high levels of antithyroid autoantibodies.
Objective: To estimate the prevalence of islet cells autoantibodies among non-diabetic relatives of type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients.
Researchers analyzed self-reported data about omega-3 consumption from 30 people who had autoantibodies for rheumatoid arthritis and 47 control patients who did not.
Autoantibodies against tumor-associated antigens (TAA) represent promising candidates for NIBMs in liver malignancies, such as cholangiocarcinoma [9], and early states of malignancies, like early chronic cholestatic liver injury.
1) Although AIHA is rare, RBC autoantibodies that bind to RBCs are frequently encountered in the blood bank laboratory.
Biopharmaceutical company Baxalta (NYSE:BXLT) reported on Thursday the receipt of approval for Health Canada's OBIZUR for the treatment of bleeding episodes in patients with acquired hemophilia A caused by autoantibodies to coagulation Factor VIII (FVIII).