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Words related to boilerplate

standard formulations uniformly found in certain types of legal documents or news stories

thick plate iron used in the production of boilers

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Then, whenever you want to apply the stamp in Word, click on Insert, AutoText and click on the name you gave it and presto:
Simply enter the model number directly in to the MountFinder[TM] with help from the AutoText or search via the drop-down menus for manufacturer and model.
PhraseExpress can now import text snippets from 'Text Expander' to provide a cross-platform Autotext solution.
New AutoText suggests text to eliminate the need to retype common phrases; a new term consistency tool checks for consistent use of terms in a translation to ensure that translated words and phrases are compliant with company standards and international regulations.
To initiate AutoComplete, click on Insert on the toolbar, on AutoText and then on the AutoText tab and place a check in the box next to Show AutoComplete suggestions and click on OK.
Automatic protocol generation with built-in AutoText capability saves time, reduces the amount of typing required to capture data and produces standardized experimental reports that are easy to format and share with colleagues.
Now either click on Insert, AutoText, New or press Alt+F3.
RoboDemo records the use of any application, or on-screen activity, and instantly creates a movie in Flash format with visible and audible mouse clicks, as well as text annotations created with the AutoText Captions feature.