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Words related to boilerplate

standard formulations uniformly found in certain types of legal documents or news stories

thick plate iron used in the production of boilers

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Look for AutoCorrect in the Tools menu and AutoText in the same preference pane under its own tab.
In Word, you can use either the AutoText or Picture insert features, and in Excel, which lacks AutoText, use the Picture insert feature.
Select Insert from the menu bar, select AutoText, New, type NPA, and click OK.
Check all of them--Standard, Formatting, AutoText, Control Toolbox, Database, Drawing .
AutoText allows a user to create automatic text words or phrases that are frequently used.
0 include AutoText captions, which allow users to have RoboDemo automatically write and insert text captions that describe each step taken by the user during the recording session.
When you select it, the header will be selected and you can enter text or autotext.
To get rid of it, you have to go into the Insert menu, select Autotext, then the AutoFormat As You Type format.