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The lissome little auto-loader is aesthetically pleasing, functionally reliable, modestly priced, and is just the ticket for a fine day afield with your favorite bird dog.
By the time they took delivery of the Hardinge-EMAG VL3 in December 2000, Midwest Screw Machine Products had already had a successful history with other Hardinge machine tools "We have Hardinge single-spindle chucking machines, but no auto-loaders," Zuzek reports.
High volume production of an auto-loader would permit this changeover to be profitable, so the forerunner of the 48/AL came out in 1946, the current 48/AL in 1948.
Linda, who has hunted all over the globe, brought us to Stonington to test Mossberg's 930 auto-loader on some of the world's most shot-resistant ducks.
Everyone in our blinds loves Winchester's premiere auto-loader, available in 3- and 31/2-inch chambers, 20- and 12-gauge models and 26- or 28-inch barrels.
So, if you're going to try and find some info on that new auto-loader for the fall, Ask Jeeves.
My first two rounds of skeet ever were with an ill-fitting auto-loader, yielding 10 clays total, a horrid and depressing experience.
A5s have no doubt accounted for more dead ducks and geese than any other auto-loader, only to be canceled from production a few years back just shy of the century mark.
1 pounds on average), reliable auto-loader, chambering 2 3/4-and 3-inch loads with a 3+1 capacity.
USED TO BE, IF YOU WANTED an auto-loader that went "bang" every time you pulled the trigger, you had to pay a lot more than you would for a good pump, and waterfowl-specific guns were pretty limited overall.
Not much new for this year, but it was all-new last year and heralded as Remington's best auto-loader ever.
Starting at under $700, there's no doubt Weatherby's SA-08 offers a sweet value in an auto-loader bargain and a solid baseline synthetic-stocked duck gun capable of swallowing 3-inch loads.
The auto-loader is available in Black Synthetic, Realtree MAX-4 and Realtree APG camo patterns.
Not couch change, but it's half the cost of many other auto-loaders of similar design.
The devotees arrived at the place in wagons, cars, motorcycles, auto-loaders and tractor-trollies.