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a hypodermic syringe to use in injecting yourself with a liquid

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1 mg-dose auto-injector has a shorter needle length and lower dose of epinephrine than its current FDA-approved 0.
2017 marks the five-year anniversary of Mylan's free EpiPen4Schools program, through which Mylan donates epinephrine auto-injectors to public and private kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools across the U.
use the adrenaline auto-injector at the first signs of a severe allergic reaction
In September 2015, Bayer Healthcare reported the launch of Betaconnect - the only electronic auto-injector for the treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS).
Generic drug manufacturer Mylan expanded the recall of its epinephrine auto-injectors to the United States after concerns that the EpiPens may not work.
CVS' intervention on behalf of patients in the epinephrine auto-injector market is part of a larger pattern.
military auto-injector needs," said Adam Havey, executive vice president and president, biodefense division of Emergent BioSolutions.
For anaphylactic reactions (as above), if an adrenaline (epinephrine) auto-injector is available, use it immediately.
The auto-injector, called Evzio and fast-tracked by the FDA because of the opioid overdose epidemic, works on all opioids, heroin and prescription medications.
This knowledge is what has led many to clamor for epinephrine auto-injectors to be readily available in schools and administered quickly and safely.
Ultrasound measurement demonstrated that the distance from skin surface to muscle depth was greater than auto-injector needle length at one-quarter of the distance down the thigh in 82% of obese children vs.
Unlike conventional auto-injector technologies that are used with standard prefilled syringes, the incorporation of the Unifill syringe with its integrated safety features give Unifill Auto-Injectors several significant market advantages including a small diameter, a true end-of-dose indicator and automatic retraction of the needle from the skin after completion of the injection.
In addition, making the needle virtually invisible to the patient is another important feature that garners significant user acceptance and preference for our auto-injector.
23 December 2010 - Swedish pharma company Meda AB (STO: MEDA A) will take over the distribution in Europe of allergy drug Epipen Auto-Injector from 2011 under a long-term licence agreement with Dey Pharma, part of US-based Mylan Inc (NASDAQ: MYL).
WestJet's aircraft currently carry syringes and vials of epinephrine but King Pharmaceuticals Canada said that the redesigned EpiPen Auto-Injector offers the enhanced safety feature of needle protection before and after use.