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production of antibodies against the tissues of your own body

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When people with celiac disease (an auto-immune disorder where the body attacks its own cells), eat these grains, it triggers a reaction that damages the mucosa (tissues that line our body cavities) of the small intestine.
It's an auto-immune disorder, which means the body's immune system gets confused and goes into overdrive, attacking healthy tissue - in this case blood fats called phospholipids.
It covers prehospital care and transport medicine, resuscitation (including shock, CPR, newborn resuscitation and acute distress), various types of trauma including that to the head and spinal cord, environmental emergencies such as animal and human bites and heat-induced illness, toxicology, and specific diseases ranging from allergic and auto-immune disorders to child abuse and neglect, oncology disorders, pain control and psychiatric disorders, as well as a section on legal issues such as the duty to treat and the right to refuse.
The cause is not entirely clear but it can co-exist with other diseases, such as thyroid disease, auto-immune disorders and types of alopecia.
Novel applications of plant biotechnology for the discov-ery and manufacturing of neutraceutical and pharma-ceutical compounds capable of preventing and treating diseases like auto-immune disorders, cancer and AIDS, are just beginning to be explored.
It should not be taken by those with auto-immune disorders such as HIV, AIDS or multiple sclerosis.
There is also controversy over the use of the herb by patients with auto-immune disorders such as AIDS, because it stimulates the immune system.
MEN are quite well protected from auto-immune disorders, but are more likely to fall victim to early heart disease and certain genetic conditions.
These include incipient cancer, bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic diseases, auto-immune disorders, chronic degenerative and psychiatric problems.
This significant increase in yield, will result in major cost reductions for the treatment of cardio vascular disease, auto-immune disorders, leukemia, transplant rejection, cancer as well as numerous diagnostics.
Biopharmaceuticals are delivering significant advances in healthcare for serious illnesses from cancer to auto-immune disorders including rheumatoid arthritis.
His office is in Mohali for the last year, where he is dealing with the patients of metastatic cancers, auto-immune disorders, severe rheumatism, asthma, stroke, kidney failure and liver disorders.
Antibodies developed via this discovery engine are designed to bind and neutralize bioactive signaling lipids, such as S1P, that are involved in the proliferation and spread of cancer, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), inflammatory and auto-immune disorders, and many other diseases.
Sinusitis occurs when the cavities in the nose become swollen and inflamed due to allergies, auto-immune disorders or infections.
Since then, the proteolytic activity of MALT1 has appeared as a promising target for treatment of auto-immune disorders and certain types of cancer.