Jeremy Bentham

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English philosopher and jurist


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What resemblance, what painting, what statue of a human being can be so like him, as, in the character of an Auto-Icon, he or she will be to himself or herself?
In striving to contribute to human happiness, then, a civilized man is not to scorn the "savage ingenuity" of "the barbarous New Zealanders," who have "preceded the most cultivated nations in the Auto-Icon art" (2).
Although "identical" to the head of the living Bentham, the original head of the auto-icon was no longer "similar" to it, and Bentham, converted into an auto-icon, no longer resembled himself.
What actor can play Julius Caesar better than Julius Caesar in the character of an auto-icon can play himself?
While Bentham's auto-icon is flexible at the joints (if necessary, it can even be dismantled (38)), the rigid, embalmed corpses would be impossible to animate or to bring back to life even on the stage.
41) For the utilitarian sage, however, this dilemma would present no difficulty; as Bentham tersely puts it, "A man's Auto-Icon is his own self" (10).
Furthermore, Bentham predicts that his auto-icon will become sacred.
Bentham's own auto-icon would thus be worshipped by only those few who understood that the good that made the auto-icons of the benefactors worthy of worship in the eyes of the masses was the direct result of their acting in accordance with Bentham's greatest-happiness principle; that is, his auto-icon would be worshipped by those who realized that the one who had first introduced this principle was, for that very reason, himself the greatest benefactor of the human race.