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an optical device for focussing a camera or other instrument automatically

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The A55 also offers full-HD 1080 video recording, and here the translucent mirror enables continuous auto-focus in video mode EoAC" a feature more common to dedicated high-end video cameras.
0-megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flashFront: 0.
In pairing the two auto-focus technologies, the LV-DAF provides a focal range that is significantly larger than with contrast detection alone.
The LEDs use a clear, non-diffused lens to provide high luminous intensity within a narrow radiation pattern, providing smooth, consistent optical performance for precise auto-focus functionality.
From BSI (Backside illuminated sensor) and other front-end technologies evolution (Pixel isolation, color filters, micro-lenses) to WLC (Wafer Level Cameras) realization with wafer level optics, Packaging / Assembly & Test (Wafer Level Packaging and 3D TSV interconnects), WDR (Wide dynamic Range) sensor technologies, Image stabilization & Auto-focus technologies (eDoF, Piezo, other mechanical AF , MEMS based, WL Auto-focus or liquid lenses)
0-megapixel camera with 5 -element lenses, auto-focus, LED flash support, capable of taking vertical panorama shotFront: 5.
Recognizing the importance of achieving the optimum focus for scanning at high resolutions, Microtek designed a totally new auto-focus feature for the ArtixScan M1 and ArtixScan M1 Pro.
The auto-focus and optical zoom features enable the highest level of photographic quality and the sharpest images for both closeup and panoramic images.
Under the terms of the agreement, STMicroelectronics will use Varioptic's liquid lens technology to add auto-focus capability to a family of camera modules targeting the booming camera phone market.
8mm power zoom lens with TTL (through the lens) auto-focus.
Nasdaq:TSRA), a leading provider of miniaturization technologies for the electronics industry, announced today it has completed its acquisition of Eyesquad, a leader in the development and design of digital auto-focus and optical zoom solutions for camera phones and other electronic products that integrate cameras.
It features an eight megapixel iSight camera that offers auto-focus, LED flash and face detection.
In addition to the new 35mm camera models and 35mm High Definition film, Polaroid's popular conventional photography line also includes multi-purpose 35mm OneFilm, available in 12-, 24- or 36-exposure 35mm rolls or in 110 cartridges, and OneFilm camera kits, featuring either a fully automatic auto-focus or fixed-focus point and shoot 35mm camera, a 24-exposure roll of OneFilm and two AA batteries.
Tessera Expands its Consumer Optics Offering with Solid State Auto-Focus and Optical Zoom Technologies
Varioptic's liquid lens, which does not include any moving parts, features some crucial commercial advantages over traditional auto-focus technologies in terms of size, robustness, speed, price and power consumption.