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an optical device for focussing a camera or other instrument automatically

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The A55 also offers full-HD 1080 video recording, and here the translucent mirror enables continuous auto-focus in video mode EoAC" a feature more common to dedicated high-end video cameras.
0-megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flashFront: 0.
amp; SINGAPORE -- Avago Technologies (Nasdaq:AVGO), a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications, today announced two series of compact LEDs that reduce space requirements for designing auto-focus auxiliary flash functionality into digital cameras.
In the high-end camera phone market segment, disruptive new camera module concepts including Auto-focus, Zoom and Image stabilization features will be developed and introduced to the market.
0-megapixel camera with LED flash, auto-focus, HTC image chip along with a 1.
2-megapixel auto-focus mobile camera with 2x optical zoom.
Parlex to Present Flexible, High-Yield Circuits for Medical Applications; Nanomotion to Demonstrate Precision Auto-focus Stage for Medical Imaging
0-megapixel main camera with 5-element lenses, auto-focus, and LED flash support.
Under the terms of the agreement, STMicroelectronics will use Varioptic's liquid lens technology to add auto-focus capability to a family of camera modules targeting the booming camera phone market.
0-megapixel camera with auto-focus, LED support, however, it does not feature a secondary camera at the front.
Nasdaq:TSRA), a leading provider of miniaturization technologies for the electronics industry, announced today it has completed its acquisition of Eyesquad, a leader in the development and design of digital auto-focus and optical zoom solutions for camera phones and other electronic products that integrate cameras.
Tessera Expands its Consumer Optics Offering with Solid State Auto-Focus and Optical Zoom Technologies
Varioptic's liquid lens, which does not include any moving parts, features some crucial commercial advantages over traditional auto-focus technologies in terms of size, robustness, speed, price and power consumption.
It features an eight megapixel iSight camera that offers auto-focus, LED flash and face detection.