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a biography of yourself

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Mohamed El-Saghier signing the first copy of his auto-biography
Bureau wrote an auto-biography on coming out as a two-spirited Aboriginal person as his contribution to the exhibit.
Fujino (Asian American studies, University of California, Santa Barbara) presents a collaboratively produced biography and auto-biography of Japanese Black Panther Party icon, Richard Aoki.
The MQM leaders also presented a pictorial auto-biography of MQM Chief Altaf Hussain to the Australian HC.
It was that careful nurturing which was unfortunately ignored by Rooney in his auto-biography, and in subsequent interviews.
Summary: The Lockerbie bomber is planning to write an auto-biography to "proclaim his innocence" by disclosing new information behind Britain's deadliest terrorist attack, a report said
It was also alleged that he did not deliver an auto-biography and a series of shows he had committed.
He was later accused of withdrawing a business deal with the 2 Seas music label, a joint venture with his brother and Sheikh Abdulla, where it was also alleged that he had not delivered an auto-biography and a series of stage shows which he had committed himself to.
As the subtitle of Der lange Weg zum Anfang indicates, in these pieces collected as of 1998, we get a bit of auto-biography, contemporary issues, and literary commentary.
In his auto-biography, Ahmadi-Nejad writes about his childhood in a small town; the poverty of his family; excessive spending of the previous government, which put further pressure on the poor; his love for the late Imam Khomeini, founder of the theocracy, and his memories of the Iran-Iraq war.
But having given up smoking after years of trying, he's in better shape than he has been for years and is as busy as ever, writing his auto-biography, running his farm, travelling through south-east Asia and preparing for his new show.
95 Thomas Merton--monk, poet, spiritual writer and social activist--is undoubtedly best known for his spiritual auto-biography, The Seven Storey Mountain, but is now revealed as a man whose spirituality is rooted in nature, an environmentalist ahead of his time.
This moving, gritty and often funny auto-biography sees him thrown headfirst into the vibrant cultural melting pot simmering in the famous street.
However, Owen has decided to write about the trauma in his auto-biography, In the Time of Nick.
I know I could be a manager one day," he says in his entertaining auto-biography More Than Just Tricks.