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a biography of yourself

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Ahsan Iqbal congratulated Shah Mohammad Shah for writing his auto-biography that would become a part of history.
Mohamed El-Saghier signing the first copy of his auto-biography
Bureau wrote an auto-biography on coming out as a two-spirited Aboriginal person as his contribution to the exhibit.
Fujino (Asian American studies, University of California, Santa Barbara) presents a collaboratively produced biography and auto-biography of Japanese Black Panther Party icon, Richard Aoki.
Another is more of a "family auto-biography," in which Daniel Mandeli, Barbara Smith-Mandell, and Jerrold Hirsch depict in finely drawn and sensitive detail what it is to live and raise children in a rural Midwestern town where there are fewer than a minyan of Jews to join in ritual-communal life,
This book is a captivating auto-biography about the author, Razi Imam's journey through life and his encounters and experiences that led to him achieving success.
Summary: The Lockerbie bomber is planning to write an auto-biography to "proclaim his innocence" by disclosing new information behind Britain's deadliest terrorist attack, a report said
It was also alleged that he did not deliver an auto-biography and a series of shows he had committed.
He was later accused of withdrawing a business deal with the 2 Seas music label, a joint venture with his brother and Sheikh Abdulla, where it was also alleged that he had not delivered an auto-biography and a series of stage shows which he had committed himself to.
As the subtitle of Der lange Weg zum Anfang indicates, in these pieces collected as of 1998, we get a bit of auto-biography, contemporary issues, and literary commentary.
But having given up smoking after years of trying, he's in better shape than he has been for years and is as busy as ever, writing his auto-biography, running his farm, travelling through south-east Asia and preparing for his new show.
95 Thomas Merton--monk, poet, spiritual writer and social activist--is undoubtedly best known for his spiritual auto-biography, The Seven Storey Mountain, but is now revealed as a man whose spirituality is rooted in nature, an environmentalist ahead of his time.
This moving, gritty and often funny auto-biography sees him thrown headfirst into the vibrant cultural melting pot simmering in the famous street.
In 1976, she wrote her auto-biography with Dana Benenson entitled "Honey: The Life & Loves of Lenny's Shady Lady.
However, Owen has decided to write about the trauma in his auto-biography, In the Time of Nick.