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the sport of racing automobiles

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We hope the program can offer entertainment to visitors and grows auto sport in Indonesia, hence providing new challenges to Indonesian racers," said Abiyoso.
With a team of six people in Qatar, and "reporters everywhere", Joudi said: "In Auto Sport, we not only want to cover motorsport but everything including automobiles.
The car's state-of-the-art electro-actuated transmission gives near-instantaneous gear changes and allows drivers to choose from six modes: manual, manual sport, MC-Shift, auto, auto sport and ice.
Auto sport International marks the start of the new season for most fans and will attract enthusiast from all over the world.
The firm has established a reputation in the auto sport world through its work with the Coventry Climax engine found in vintage Lotus cars and the famous Ducati motorcycle team.
The new Arrows car was unveiled at the Auto Sport International Show at Birmingham's NEC.
MX-5 Cup cars built by Long Road Racing will be eligible to compete in club racing with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and National Auto Sport Association (NASA) as well as many track-day clubs.
This new type of auto sport emphasizes on speed and accuracy elements in the track.
The company is headquartered at Club Auto Sport, where SABA Motors is a part of that facility's Fast Lane to Clean Tech incubator.
Further awards went to the new Audi R8 V10 with 'Best Performance Car' by Middle East Car magazine and 'Most Popular Sportscar' from Auto Sport magazine, the RS 6, which was named 'Best Sports Saloon' by Wheels magazine, as well as the Audi Q7, which received the title of '4x4 of the Year 2010' by Saudi Auto magazine.
The transmission can be used in six modes - Manual Normal, Manual Sport, Manual Sport in MC-Shift, Auto Normal, Auto Sport and Ice.
Organisers Manx Auto Sport Ltd announced yesterday they have received an entry from the Lanarkshire driver for the event on May 11 and 12.
He said, 'The UK is home to world-class precision engineering, especially in the auto sport and aerospace sectors.
Company bosses have been in negotiations with Auto Sport Engineering (ASE) for several years.
brothers Oliver and Ben Davies recorded their best forest score of the season to remain leaders in the Advanced Auto Sport Technologies Heart of England Rally Championship.