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a cognitive state in which you act without self-awareness

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a navigational device that automatically keeps ships or planes or spacecraft on a steady course

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2011) (examining the responsibility of an auto pilot manufacturer to provide training in the absence of written instructions to pilots on how to use the technology to pilots).
76) Waterman & Henshon, supra note 9, at 14-15 (describing the purpose of an auto pilot system on an airplane or boat).
NET and SQL Server technology, Auto Pilot is fully customizable and can meet any institutions' processing needs.
Trimble Auto Pilot w/RTK Guidance or acceptable alternate meeting the following minimum specifications:
htm) Another Close Call For Malaysia Airlines As Auto Pilot Defect Hits MH198 From Jyderabad
London, Jan 17 ( ANI ): A leading carmaker has developed a new temporary auto pilot system that takes complete control over braking, steering and speeds up to 80mph, without letting the drivers do a thing.
Unconfirmed reports claimed Commander Anupam Tiwari had put the aircraft on auto pilot and had gone to the toilet when the incident took place.
Normally, you just kind of cruise around, and in the second (round) you've got so many holes ahead of you, you can just put it on auto pilot for a bit and see what happens.
The UAV should have an auto pilot onboard with mission pre-programming capability for autonomous operations.
They're perfectly happy to shop for their own bedding plants, vegetable seeds, rose bushes and birdbaths, pay gardeners for a weekly ``show and blow'' treatment and set the sprinklers on auto pilot.
All SailTime yachts are extremely well equipped and have such features as electric windlass, in-mast furling, roller-furling head-sail, wheel steering with auto pilot, extensive navigation pack with GPS chart plotter and on-board AC/heating.
Classic footage of women aviators and record setters, in addition to a special "director's cut," is contained in the interactive Auto Pilot feature.
ScanPrepPro is a production auto pilot for Photoshop, guaranteed to produce the highest quality, press-ready line art, halftones and color separations.
BAI also offers a complete set of UAV subsystems, such as avionics and auto pilots, imaging and sensor payloads, ground control stations and support equipment, which are incorporated into its proprietary designs as well as sold to other UAV manufacturers.