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insurance against loss due to theft or traffic accidents

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Online auto insurance quotes are an important tool for finding the latest coverage options for a vehicle.
Auto insurance affordability was analyzed by calculating an auto insurance expenditure-to-income ratio.
Finding a good deal on a car insurance policy isn't easy today, and auto insurance discounts can save consumers hundreds of dollars on their monthly car insurance bill.
However, many people are always weary of this concept because of the hassles involved in getting multiple quotes from various auto insurance companies and comparing them.
The proposition was approved in 1988 after auto insurance premiums soared in the early 1980s.
The AICPA Member Auto Insurance Plan is available in all states except Hawaii and Massachusetts.
To simplify business auto insurance, the types of vehicles a policy covers are indicated by numerals, which have various meanings ranging from "any auto" through "any owned auto" to "only scheduled autos.
On the other side of the issue, the Fair Action in Insurance Reform (FAIR) committee says innocent accident victims are suffering under the current no-fault auto insurance scheme, while the insurance sector is reaping record profits.
As a result of this liability system, auto insurance is an increasingly unaffordable item: A Philadelphia couple with an 1988 Chevy and an 1984 Olds and two clean driving records now pays $2,400 annually for standard coverage.
To calculate the median auto insurance rate for the country and for each state, InsWeb considers regularly updated rate information from leading national auto insurance carriers as well as comprehensive profiles of InsWeb auto insurance customers.
Online brokerage services get and display multiple auto insurance quotes within minutes.
How often do auto insurance consumers desire to shop for a new policy?
com)-- Attention Maryland, there is a new auto insurance company in town.
two dealer point-of-sale auto insurance marketers, formed a new company to provide online insurance to car buyers in dealerships.