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insurance against loss due to theft or traffic accidents

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Renwick said Progressive, the fourth-largest writer of auto insurance, prefers to analyze "expected policy life.
Proposition 200, brought to the ballot along with the other two by a group of Silicon Valley executives, rekindled the 8-year-old debate over auto insurance rates.
The Average Auto Insurance Rate Increase is 7 Percent, According to the Insurance Information Institute
Reducing what you're paying for auto insurance is an easy way to lower monthly bills significantly," says Greg Minkler, head of marketing at Elephant.
Esurance, direct-to-consumer personal auto insurance provider, launched the platform with the San Francisco-based Patelco Credit Union.
As a former director of the California Department of Consumer Affairs and a candidate for state Insurance Commissioner, I have long supported no-fault auto insurance.
Some auto insurance premiums have even doubled for certain drivers viewed as high risk, including the elderly and teen drivers.
1 spot as the most expensive state in the country for auto insurance, consumers will sit up and pay attention.
With the auto insurance marketplace becoming increasingly competitive, this represents a chance for consumers to get better insurance rates in 2008," said David Roush, CEO of Insurance.
The battle for market share in the auto insurance industry is heating up.
Based upon data drawn from the lowest average car insurance rates viewed by over 1 million auto insurance consumers in the Insurance.
This latest milestone of half a million auto insurance policies sold confirms this trend shows no signs of slowing down.
The percentage of people willing to inflate an auto insurance claim decreased from 12.
com's 2007 Mid-Year Auto Insurance Pricing Report is a broad indicator of pricing activity in the personal auto insurance marketplace on a per household basis, it is not a comprehensive index as it reflects only the pricing activity of carriers that have participated in the Insurance.
Consumers are looking for an impartial way to compare rates when buying auto insurance policies, and a neutral Web site offers a means to provide that service, said William R.