spontaneous combustion

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ignition of a substance (as oily rags) resulting from an internal oxidation process

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The shell auto ignition model was used for modeling of the auto ignition [9].
PROPERTIES NATURAL GAS DIESEL Flash Point (K) 124 325 Boiling Point (K @1 Atm) 147 433-655 Density (kg/cum) 128 785-881 Auto Ignition Temperature (K) 900 477-533 Octane / Cetane Number 130 46-51 Flammability Limits Range 5.
3 mpg are made possible by the car's controlled auto ignition, direct fuel injection and turbocharged engine.
Kits are available comprising twenty rods and an auto ignition propane torch, or twenty rods and stainless steel brush for pre-weld cleaning, both providing some 6 m of weld, or in a range of packs containing rods only.
This gas-powered barbecue is not only easy to assemble but has a wealth of features, including a fast-start auto ignition, premium porcelain cooking grid, side shelves and condiment basket, and chrome swing away warming rack.
Dual burners, Piezo auto ignition, extra folding gas ring.
Because #111 silicone lubricant is inert to rubber and other elastomers, it is said to be particularly useful for lubricating o-rings, gaskets and seals in pumps, mixers and valves, electrical connectors, splices, terminations, switch gears, battery terminals, auto ignition components, as well as a myriad of other electrical devices and moisture seals, according to the company.
It's one thing for astronomers to announce they've discovered a pulsar and later realize they observed an auto ignition - who cares?