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an English translation of the Bible published in 1611

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In Part Two, "Consuming the Authorized Version," Carpenter turns to readings of central literary texts by Victorian women, devoting chapters to biblical language of menstruation in Charlotte Brontes Villette, and to dissenters' biblical commentary on circumcision as intertexts for George Eliot's Daniel Deronda.
In a much-too-brief discussion of the decline of the Family Bible in the late nineteenth century, for example, Carpenter suggests that "In the end, it appears, the New Woman and other radical gender and sexual entities worked to remove the Authorized Version from the center of the family parlor and put it away in a soon-to-be-forgotten trunk in the attic" (66).
Tyndale's work of translation of part of the Old and all the New Testament makes up over eighty per cent of the Authorized Version of the Bible.
s work begins with the American contribution, through formidable scholars such as Mercersburg's Philip Schaff, to the Revised Version (1881), a work that for the first time raised a specter of suspicion over the veracity and authority of the Authorized Version.
Often the readings of the Authorized Version and the Bibles of Shakespeare's day are almost identical.
The Bible, itself an amalgam of translated material from earlier cultures, is translated differently by each generation, never more aggressively than by the deeply conservative contributors to the Authorized Version, on whose procedures Prickett sheds interesting light.
That, at least, is how "Company" plays in the Huntington Theater Company's excellent production, the first professional airing of the new authorized version and one that's blessed with a terrific cast led by Davis Gaines' personable, piercingly sung Bobby and Karen Mason's heady Joanne.
Visions of history alternative to the authorized version mark lapses of control and opportunities for restricting the scope of external power over the person.
In 1642 it was printed without his permission in London and had to be acknowledged, and so an authorized version was published in 1643.
It also comes as a shock to find that our familiar Authorized Version does not in fact ever seem to have been |authorized'.
The one great exception to the trend toward natural simplicity of expression was the Authorized Version of the Holy Bible, commissioned by King James I to correct and supersede the Geneva Bible.
Eliot popularized the word <IR> MUGWUMP </IR> (originally spelled mugquomp), a term for chief that he used in place of duke as it appears in the Authorized Version of Genesis, xxxvi.
They are seldom printed in Protestant Bibles, but, in the Authorized Version of 1611, they are given immediately after the Old Testament.
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