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These caps do not apply to or limit in any way the investments made by a financial holding company under its other authorities, such as through small business investment companies.
Records and data relevant to the determination of a correct tax liability should be made available to taxing authorities. Requests for such records and data should be relevant to the audit and supported by statutory authority.
...the weight of authorities depends on their persuasiveness and relevance as well as their source.
This exception provides that, if the Board is unable to find that a foreign bank seeking to establish a branch, agency, or commercial lending company is subject to comprehensive supervision or regulation on a consolidated basis by the appropriate authorities in its home country, the Board may nevertheless approve an application by such foreign bank if: (i) the appropriate authorities in the home country of the foreign bank are actively working to establish arrangements for the consolidated supervision of such bank; and (ii) all other factors are consistent with approval (12 U.S.C.
Later, during the early New York session, the yen rose against the dollar on the basis of reports that the Japanese monetary authorities had intervened in the market--buying yen and selling dollars.
According to press reports, the IRS is considering modification of this provision because foreign competent authorities sometimes balk at Appeals settlements on the ground they are based on the hazards of litigation rather than resolution of the legal or factual issues involved in the Competent Authority dispute.
Dawn has learnt that three authorities are striving hard to turn into reality the dream of Prime Minister Imran Khan to build five million housing units in the country under the government's flagship programme called Naya Pakistan Housing Programme (NPHP).
(TAP) -The presidents of independent national authorities claimed financial and logistical support, calling for reinforcing the administrative autonomy of these structures so that they can properly discharge their mission far from any form of pressure.
RAWALPINDI -- Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on Friday accorded approval to appoint heads of six development authorities and eight Parks and Horticulture authorities in 14 major cities of Punjab.
The chief minister gave approval of heads of development authorities, including Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), and chairpersons of Parks and Parks and Horticulture authorities in six and eight major cities of Punjab respectively.
The signing will create a framework of Cooperation between the two regulatory authorities that will not only enhance the capabilities of each organisation but will ultimately further the interests and protections offered to investors.
The prestige of science has made scientific experts the closest thing we have to authorities over belief, and if there is any vestige of authority left in the epistemic realm--the realm of belief, then it is science.
Herein is danger, for authorities are persons and not gods, and they are always fallible.
We used to have a single authority which was six authorities. With reformation the single authority becomes a single authority rather than a dual authority.