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an English translation of the Bible published in 1611

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Many books will mark the fourth centenary of the publication of the King James Bible, traditionally known in Britain as the Authorised Version.
Incidentally, there may be some confusion about the authorised version (AV).
The Authorised Version was never authorised by the monarch for use in public worship, as some earlier translations of the Bible had been.
Although there are 140 conflicting versions of the date, Archbishop Usher's is the only one that matches the chronology of the authorised version of the Bible.
That''s how Jesus''s command reads in the Authorised Version of the Bible.
But the French will have to wait until October 26 for the authorised version.
Followed by a comically incompetent reading from the Authorised Version and a portentous announcement from the headmaster, perhaps concerned with the continuing defacement of his official notice board.
My reading is from the authorised version, Acts of Your Apostles and how to become leader: You didn't go to church as often as you should, you said.
It was much needed, for the language of the Authorised Version was sounding increasingly archaic and difficult to understand.
That was all summed up in this historic comment of his: "Off the Roneos and printing presses - many, alas, owned by HM Government - there rolls a steady stream of viscous verbiage couched in what purports to be the language of Shakespeare and the Authorised Version but is, in fact, the hideous, flaccid, indigestible, swag-bellied offspring of decay.
But the landmark text was known as the Authorised Version after it put together the work of 47 Church of England scholars.
Although there are 140 conflicting versions of the date, Ussher's is the only one to match the chronology of the Authorised Version of the Bible.
The last time I met him socially, he attended the Pilgrim Poets group I had helped set up during the mid-80s, choosing to use the open mic spot to read from the old authorised version of St Paul's Letter To The Corinthians, contained in a huge white illustrated Bible, balanced on a large lectern.
Contributions discuss the Dutch reception of the King's poem, The Battle of Lepanto, the succession of 1603, James's ideas about kingship, his role in the Hampton Court conference, his attitude and involvement in the theatre, preaching at Paul's Cross and its relation to the King, his attitudes toward Protestant heresies, his relationship with the Authorised Version, the Perth Articles debate in Scotland and, finally, the editor writes on the King's reputation from his death to 2005.
It also appears that creationists rely on the authorised version of the Bible as the infallible word of God.