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software that can be used to develop interactive computer programs without the technically demanding task of computer programming

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Ultimately, the bottom line is this: Can a page made with an authoring program end up being an ugly duckling?
The package, which according to MGI is the first integrated video editing and DVD authoring program for home and business users, can be used to create DVD, Mini DVD (DVD on CD) and VCD (video CD) movies.
In the third review, Paula Winke and David MacGregor review version 5 of Hot Potatoes -- a template-based authoring program that uses HTML and JavaScript to support the development of six different types of Web-based exercises that feature some form of feedback.
1 is a multimedia authoring suite that combines simple-to-use video, sound, animation, paint and image editing tools with a powerful time-based, object-oriented sequencing and authoring program.
Arizona, is another Windows-based authoring program for language testing
The improved text clarity delivered by MERL's technology, branded as the FlashType(TM) text rendering engine within the new Flash Professional 8 multimedia authoring program, has received positive reviews or comments in publications such as CNET, Macworld and StreamingMedia.
To submit a job to the print shop, the customer can print from any authoring program.
Every semester, many students come to class and think developing a Web site involves merely learning the mechanics of a Web authoring program -- not so.
Designed for a wide range of users, Bytes of Learning's Create Together is a new multimedia authoring program.
Applications include: MPEG Maker 2, an AVI and BMP to MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 converter; Video Clip MPEG-2, an MPEG-2 frame-accurate editor to edit existing MPEG files; and DVDMaker, a simple authoring program to define linear chapters and generate DVD images on disk.
As an aid for related studies, all of the media files on the disc can be used with any authoring program, letting teachers and students create presentations or homework assignments.
Analyze how each authoring program tests a student's ability to apply concepts, hands-on.
Bundled software includes a DVD authoring program for PCs and a CD mastering program for PCs and Macs.
In May of 1990, New Brunswick Community College, located in Chatham, New Brunswick, Canada, initiated a courseware authoring program with an entrepreneurial focus.