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Synonyms for authentication

Synonyms for authentication

a mark on an article of trade to indicate its origin and authenticity

validating the authenticity of something or someone

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First of all, they require over-the-air provisioning mechanisms in order to realize clearing and authentification processes.
Expert authority is probably the strongest authentification strategy.
Curators and Conservators share an insider's view on the science of art authentification. 17 18 19 20 21 6:00 ART AND A MOVIE Art handlers and couriers travel with priceless art from museum to museum.
arbortristis Linn seeds were purchased from the local market of Lucknow, India and the authentification was done by Botany Division of Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow and is kept in the herbarium for future reference.
This requires security, authentification, encryption, interoperability and workflows be consistently developed, implemented, managed and improved.
Gemalto repond a leurs demandes croissantes en matiere de services mobiles personnels, paiement securise, authentification des acces au [beaucoup moins que] cloud [beaucoup plus grand que], protection de l'identite et de la vie privee, services d'e-sante et d'e-gouvernement performants, billettique des transports urbains facile d'utilisation et applications M2M fiables.
The authentification of each individual's point of view--or the point of view of each community--is realized through a complex process of raising arguments, responding to the challenges of other individuals/ communities, and constructing contextual meaning through transmitting each (micro)narrative.
In resemblance, meaning derives from the authority of an original which provides authentification. In digital culture, this distinction between original and copy has lost its cultural relevance, a question already pointed out by Walter Benjamin or Roland Barthes in their works referencing to the easier/cheaper reproduction of material formats, for instance in the case of photography and its impact on cultural production.
--perspectives: unite du savoir, authentification de faits documentes, critique vs multiplicite des memoires, dependantes de la pluralite des groupes et des individus qui en sont les vecteurs ephemeres, guides peu fiables pour acceder aux realites du passe et les comprendre.
Could any information please give a source of authentification. A big thank you to anyone that can help.
But hopes of a double with Authentification in the 1m4f handicap were ended by Bold Cuffs, who was backed into 3-1 from 6-1.
Meanwhile, across Africa, from Nigeria to Kenya, consumers can check the drugs they buy through new Mobile Authentification Service technology.
c) authentification regarding the settlement of a person's identity or an application;
(4) Military Rule of Evidence 901(a) allows that "the requirement of authentification or identification as a condition precedent to admissibility is satisfied by evidence sufficient to support a finding that the matter in question is what the proponent claims." MCM, supra note 2, Mil.
Under the title "Theater and Authentification -- Problems and Borders," participants explored the dearth of information about theatrical productions in this country and proposed tentative solutions.