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Synonyms for authentication

Synonyms for authentication

a mark on an article of trade to indicate its origin and authenticity

validating the authenticity of something or someone

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Rainbow's products include: secure Web server acceleration solutions; anti-piracy and Internet software distribution solutions; PKI-based security solutions; voice, data and satellite information security and authentication solutions; and USB-based Web authentication tokens.
NASDAQ:SFNT), setting the standard for information security, today announced that SWIFT has selected SafeNet as a provider of Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and authentication tokens for its customers to use on its worldwide financial services network.
Based on 3DES encryption standards and available for PalmOS, RIM Blackberry and Microsoft Windows platforms, ION Secure 520 Soft Tokens are software applications designed to replace physical authentication tokens found in the form of a smart card or key fob.
These standards will facilitate interoperability for provisioning both authentication tokens and validation systems across vendors, enabling enterprises to easily deploy strong authentication to large user bases without relying on components sourced from a single vendor," said Mingliang Pei, OATH Technical Committee Co-Chair and Technical Director at Symantec.
Password-free access to iCloud backups is made possible by using authentication tokens acquired from suspect's PC.
In addition, the new appliance supports authentication tokens making it a comprehensive solution for high security facilities and resources.
CRYPTO-MAS makes it easy for users to utilize CRYPTOCard's two-factor authentication tokens to positively identify themselves when logging in from any workstation.
com), the leading authentication technology developer for heterogeneous environments, has signed a deal with YHGfL Foundation (Yorkshire & Humber Grid for Learning) to provide two-factor authentication tokens to more than 500 people.
CRYPTOCard Recognized for Making It Simple to Integrate "One-Time Password" Authentication Tokens with PSTN, SSL VPN, and IPsec VPN
Developed to meet real-world requirements - where Linux and Mac workstations often live in a mixed Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Windows domain, with Windows clients and Apache or IIS Web servers - CRYPTOCard's event-based two-factor authentication tokens make it simple and cost effective to eliminate weak static passwords by generating a random password for every logon attempt.
As part of RSA Security's (Nasdaq: RSAS) RSA Secured(TM) Partner Program, the RSA Secured certification lets organizations know that PrivateArk is compatible with RSA Security's market-leading security products and technologies and integrates with RSA SecurID authentication tokens.
South London and Maudsley NHS Trust Buys 400 Two-Factor Authentication Tokens for Remote Workers
CRYPTOCard's two-factor authentication tokens now integrate with Pyn Logic's innovative Enzo[TM] security solution to make it simple for organizations to enforce tight database authentication controls for a rapidly-growing number of database servers.
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