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a filmmaker who has a personal style and keeps creative control over his or her works

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Auteur theory defends the director figure as a creative centre and as the core of the film process.
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What this all has to do with auteur theory and the films of Kluge, Fassbinder, Wenders, Petzold, Arslan, and Haneke is Brombach's intervention.
This approach could not be more at odds with the auteur theory of foreign policy.
Andrew Sarris, who had become interested in the Cahiers group and had spent some time in Paris, published his "Notes on the Auteur Theory in 1962" in Film Culture.
Therefore I would assert that an auteur becomes defined not through inherent qualities of a biological author, as Andrew Sarris's auteur theory would have had us believe, but instead through those filmmakers whose names become regarded by a given social / cultural context as auteurs (This argument is obviously influenced by Staiger and others; see Note 8).
What has Pierre Tal Coat's gestural painting of a schematic leaping figure, Le Saut,1955-56, to do with a suite of thirty-four shadowy photographs by Mike Kelley, most of them hung too high to make out (The Poetry ot form: part of an ongoing attempt to develop an auteur theory of naming, 1985-96), or the dark glamour of Andy Warhol's massive silkscreen Diamond Dust Shoes, 1980?
Formica chose this director as the subject of her first book, which looks at Weir within a framework of trans-nationalism (and migration), and the application of the auteur theory. Her approach is direct and has to be lauded for its clarity of argument and language, particularly as she knows her theory.
In Sensing the Past, Jim Cullen proposes an alternative to auteur theory for American culture scholars that puts actors first.
At one moment, the author is psychoanalyzing: what a film's plot reveals about the audience's or director's feelings about psychiatrists (Packer seems to be following the auteur theory here).
The argument's effectiveness joins an emerging direction in film music studies by incorporating music more fully into auteur theory, which has traditionally focused more on visual and narrative elements.
It is a high compliment, indeed, for Sarris' volume introduced auteur theory to American audiences in such a compelling and lively manner that the book is still, after a half century, frequently assigned in film history courses.
For every snob who flaunts his taste or worse, spouts endlessly on the Iranian or French New Wave, the aspect of '-sploitation' in cinema, the Auteur theory, or the mesmeric whip pans in Raging Bull that Scorsese ripped off from Truffaut, there at least 10 interested but intimidated listeners who may neither watch Raging Bull, nor appreciate Truffaut.
Cinema's auteur theory holds that the prime creator of the film (typically the director) is able to imbue the work with his or her distinct vision even amid the obstacles of a studio system dedicated to cranking out products as on an assembly line.