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a man who idles about in the lounges of hotels and bars in search of women who would support him

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Drastic morphological changes, facing examined Iguania supraocular patterns, shall now be commented upon for the successive branches of Autarchoglossa, foreseen in our indented taxonomy, beginning with Scincomorpha and its noticeable lines Lacertoidea and Scincoidea.
It is now the turn of our comments on supraocular lepidosi s in Scincoidea families, Scincidae and Cordylidae--Gerrhosauridae, thus completing our analytical relation as regards (regarding) the Scincomorpha branch of Autarchoglossa.
A first separation between Gekkota and Autarchoglossa is also justified.
Autarchoglossa and its subdivisions exhibit the most clear-cut difference from Iguania because of the supraocular lepidosis of all its numerous taxa, either Scincomorpha or Anguimorpha.
Scincoidea is still more respectful of the mentioned Autarchoglossa model of supraocular scutellation, either in its cosmopolitan family Scincidae or in its related African family Cordylidae, now divided by the creation of the related taxon Gerrhosauridae.