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a native or inhabitant of Austronesia

the family of languages spoken in Australia and Formosa and Malaysia and Polynesia

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The book handles the archaeological record better, but speculations concerning Austronesian still intrude on occasion.
While noting a third possibility, that the early Austronesians had become sufficiently diversified by the time they reached Borneo to include nomadic or semi-nomadic foragers, he dismisses as the least likely alternative.
Accordingly, Taiwanese literary scholars have appropriated the Austronesian heritage of Taiwan's Aborigines to construct a "New Taiwan" identity.
The search of the fossil linguistics especially in the Iban language phonology and morphology were then compared to Malay (Melayik) is believed to be able to uncover the veil which proves that the island of Borneo the second homeland of the Malay or Austronesian peoples.
Installing the 'Outside' Inside: The Exploration of an Epistemic Austronesian Cultural Theme and Its Social Significance (revised and extended draft of a paper presented at the first European Association for Southeast Asia Studies Conference, Leiden 1995).
Even today, after migration from Africa, Arabia and India, Madagascar's human gene pool is 50 percent Austronesian and its language 80 percent.
The Austronesians are part of a language group originating from South China, spreading from the Philippines, Indonesia, and as far west as Madagascar.
The culture of these proto-Polynesians (who are themselves a metaphorical twig on the Oceanic branch of the Austronesian family tree of languages) diversified as ancestral populations colonized and adapted to diverse insular environments.
Australia (like Tasmania) was completely unaffected by the Polynesian expansion, a fact confirmed by both the morphology of the Australian aborigines and by their native languages, all of which belong to the Austronesian family.
Alone for 26,000 years, Austronesians eventually arrived with new technology: the outrigger canoe.
According to recent linguistic and archaeological research, Taiwan is the possible homeland of the Austronesians (Bellwood 1997; Blust 1999; Pawley 1999).
In her introduction to the volume Ruth Barnes (Senior Curator, Yale University Art Gallery) outlines the history of the weaving traditions in Indonesia through the migration routes of Austronesians who brought their weaving techniques to the archipelago, a view backed through linguistic evidence (p.
In addition to these structural features, there is some lexical evidence for a maritime population in the Sulu Sea-eastern Indonesia area, a population that Mahdi (1994a) refers to as 'Australoid' Austronesians that acted as a substrate to, and preceded, the 'main' Austronesian dispersal.
It is a parallel investigation of Batanes' cuisine and culinary applications in relation to its climate, ecology, natural resources, Ivatan sociopolitical system, language and history, since the first Austronesians from Taiwan came to settle on the islands 4,000 years ago.
However, as already noted, the AA speakers with whom incoming Austronesians would most likely have been in contact would almost certainly have been the more numerous and easily contacted Senoi, not the small bands of foraging Semang.