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a native or inhabitant of Austronesia

the family of languages spoken in Australia and Formosa and Malaysia and Polynesia

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In this region we currently find languages that are discussed as two entities: the Austronesian languages, relatively recent arrivals in the area sharing a common ancestor in Taiwan; and the languages referred to as 'Papuan', a term that does not imply relatedness but simply designates a language not belonging to the Austronesian family that is spoken in the vicinity of New Guinea.
One of the most important and enduring debates associated with the prehistory of Melanesia has concerned the migration of Austronesian speakers into the region.
(59) Peter Bellwood, 'Austronesian prehistory in Southeast Asia: Homeland, expansion and transformation', in The Austronesians, ed.
On the morning of August 1, President Tsai Ing-wen attended the Austronesian Forum 2018.
The literature indicates that these motives and possibilities were, for CYP-TS peoples, similar to some of those motivating early Austronesians themselves, and for Papuan groups influenced by them: the canoe multiplied access to high volume marine protein, shell wealth, mobility, and male prestige competition in the fields of marine hunting and trading.
Though these languages are linguistically similar despite their vast geographical distances, the languages spoken by Taiwan's aboriginal tribes are actually extremely diverse despite their close proximity, indicating that they are the oldest variants of Austronesian languages and thus the origin of the language family.
The book handles the archaeological record better, but speculations concerning Austronesian still intrude on occasion.
It is wrong to suggest that outrigger canoe craft first arrived with the Austronesian migrations, nor were the Polynesians the first people to introduce 'sail driven canoes suitable for cross-ocean voyages'.
(30) McWilliam ('Austronesians in linguistic disguise') for example tracks nine of Fox's 'metaphorical continuities' in his analysis of Fataluku culture.
As we know that the Austronesian language family is one of the largest language families in the world.
"The people of the Austronesian language family lived near the ocean and were very mobile," said Chen.
That the Austronesians who spread south from Taiwan probably originated on the Asian mainland does not make them Chinese.
Dr Keith Dobney and Dr Greger Larson, from Durham University, will be joining the first expedition to sail in two traditional Polynesian boats to retrace the migration route of the ancient Austronesians. The aim of the voyage is to find out where the ancestors of Polynesian culture originated.
But traditionally, Papua New Guineans speak 820 languages belonging to two language groups: the Austronesians and the Papuans
According to Tsai, the earliest inhabitants of Taiwan were Austronesians and the first wave of large-scale immigration began 300 years ago when people crossed the Taiwan Strait to escape desperate poverty.