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a native or inhabitant of Austronesia

the family of languages spoken in Australia and Formosa and Malaysia and Polynesia

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2009 International Symposium of Austronesian Studies.
An integrated perspective on the Austronesian diaspora: the switch from cereal agriculture to maritime foraging in the colonization of Island Southeast Asia.
After pointing out the immense geographcial spread of Oceanic languages and the huge amount of typological diversity within this subgroup of the Austronesian language family, the chapter presents a typological overview of Oceanic languages and an excellent typology of serial verbs in these languages.
94) (this is a well-established theme in the available literature, as is potency and fertility in Austronesian cultures).
Fox (1980, 1987) developed a wider framework for the comparative study of Austronesian religions.
Scholarly papers at the forefront of Austronesian prehistory were then presented in the session by Graeme Barker, Charles Higham, Matthew Spriggs, Cheng-hwa Tsang, Dorian Fuller and Tracey L.
1-22) briefly describes the Austronesian language family.
The presence of parenchyma identical to those of the modern domesticated yam at Ille Cave in secure stratigraphic contexts provides extremely strong evidence that it was being intensively exploited by people in Palawan thousands of years before the supposed Austronesian expansion.
Crossing the Luzon Strait: archaeological chronology in the Batanes Islands, Philippines and the regional sequence of Neolithic dispersal, journal of Austronesian Studies 1(2): 25-44.
The implication, then, is that later gene flow southward from Taiwan was a minor event in Iban biological history, even though Austronesian languages had enormous influence at some point.
He has traced this on the basis of archaeological remains that link the islands with the Asian mainland, and the linguistic evidence for a deep antiquity in the Austronesian (AN) languages spoken on Taiwan (Bellwood & Oxenham 2008; Gray et al 2009).
However, the diversity of Neolithic materials in various island sites has led some archaeologists to question the Austronesian "Neolithic package" model, without advancing a positive alternative.
Looking more like an anthropological monograph than a colonial report, Fontijne's study provides what Forth regards as 'independent proof' of the regional existence of orders of precedence, and the related concept of origin structures, the study of which characterizes a recent thematic approach in the anthropology of Austronesian societies.
McGregor: Verb Classification in Austronesian Languages.