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islands of central and South Pacific (Indonesia and Melanesia and Micronesia and Polynesia)

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Indeed, serious research into such matters is still lacking and the potential of Cain & Bierbach's (1996) analysis of the respective Polynesian terminology has not yet sufficiently explored related terminologies in other areas of Austronesia, let alone Borneo: While the Arosi and Tahiti terms above seem to reflect straightforward historical derivations between 'skull' [left and right arrow] 'elder,' plenty of other ethnographic data (ongoing research) point to the corpse as the primary linguistic template of many "spirit (of the dead)" terms in Austronesia.
Now, I would contend that the word "soul" (and other western terms) doesn't lend itself well for autochthonous religions in Austronesia in general, nor to gain a deeper understanding of the Benuaq's concept of "person" in particular.
In Austronesia, this link seems rare and its non-occurrence is even a defining feature in Oceania.
of Guam) present a collection ten papers focusing on aspects of Hispanization in the indigenous languages of the Americas and Austronesia.
While this volume concentrates on Australia, it also benefits from a section in which scholars present the results of similar work on the Asian mainland, in the Americas, Austronesia and the wider world.
Taiwan's aboriginal peoples, who originated in Austronesia and southern Asia, have lived on Taiwan for 12,000 to 15,000 years.
Sahlins (1985 & 1991) on Fiji and Valeri (1985) on Hawaii; other scholars of Austronesia have argued against it (see e.
HGA aims to establish a forum for those engaged with Austronesia (i.
Born in 1980 in Eschwege, he has done undergraduate studies in Languages and Cultures of Austronesia, Philosophy and Social Anthropology at the University of Hamburg.