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a geographical area in central and eastern Europe

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By contrast, the rulers of Russia and Austro-Hungary feared that industrialisation could lead to revolution.
On the other hand it would grant Austro-Hungary the entry into the Supervisory Commission as it is formulated in the Treaty of London is still causing great confusion if the Presidency should go to Romania or Austria-Hungary" (CHSNAR, Royal House Found, file no.
Edmund said, "I think you mean it started when the Archduke of Austro-Hungary got shot.
Visitors can admire a carriage used by the British Queen Adelaide (1842), a complete train built for the Portuguese Queen Maria Pia (1858), a panel from the royal train used by the Austrian Empress Sissi (1858), furnishings from Bavarian King Ludwig II's royal train (1860), the interior of Czar Alexander II's carriage (1870), and carriages used by King Christiaan IX of Denmark (1871), King Edward VII of Britain (1902), Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austro-Hungary (1910), King Albert I of Belgium (1912), Swedish King Carl Gustav (1930) and King Boris of Bulgaria (1938).
The difficult task of introducing the new sport to the general public in Serbia fell to young people, pupils, and students who had been studying abroad, mostly in Switzerland, Germany, and Austro-Hungary.
Bulgaria was the first to sign an armistice with the Entente, quickly followed by the Ottoman empire and Austro-Hungary, with Germany doing so on November 11 1918.
He would later serve as a Union general during the Civil War, and later as minister to Austro-Hungary.
Reversing this method of operation end-for-end, Schwarzlose used it in his belt-fed machine gun, which was adopted by Austro-Hungary and saw service until the end of World War II in 1945.
The chapter on dialects is full of errors, for example: "The significant Yiddish-speaking populations of what are now Romania and Hungary shared a basic southeastern dialect with their fellow Austrians (or ex-Austrians) in Galicia, a province of Austro-Hungary that included large areas of present-day Poland (e.
Through a wide array of urban associations in a broad range of settings, including Austria, Bratislava, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austro-Hungary, England and the US, this volume demonstrates that an interlocking civil society does not automatically lead to a rise in democratic activity.
Fori's surname in Austro-Hungary had been Friedman but was changed by her father to Forbath (and the daughter soon nicknamed Fori).
They never imagined that it would lead to the birth of a massive Bolshevik state while destroying the empires of tsarist Russia, Austro-Hungary, Germany, and Ottoman Turkey.
A sheet of newsprint slid toward me in jerks and feints--two steps forward, one step back--until finally I could read the headline: "Japan Declares War on Austro-Hungary.
It was played before an audience of thousands in a German PoW camp in mid-winter in Silesia, that little bit of central Europe that has been variously Germany,Czechoslovakia, Austro-Hungary or Poland according to the vagaries of history.
It follows the story of three generations of the Trotta family in the empire of Austro-Hungary and how they lived and died.