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As do the Thielert/Continental diesel engines, the AE 330s have reduction gearboxes, but unlike the Continental models, the Austro gearboxes don't require interim overhauls.
The WAM system, covering six Terminal Maneuvering Areas and the entire Austrian FIR plus a zone of 40NM in high density airspace, provides Austro Control controllers with highly accurate, one-second update rate surveillance of flights.
The premiere of the restored Austro Daimler "Bergmeister" took place in August 2011 at one of the world's most prestigious classic car events: at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in Monterey, California, the "Bergmeister" won a second place in the European Classic 1925 to 1931 category.
Under the terms of the contract Sensis WAM will provide surveillance of Austria's airspace to Austro Control air traffic controllers, enhancing safety of flights by providing coverage of areas previously not covered by radar.
It makes no sense to give long-term predictions, Austro Control spokesman Markus Pohanka said.
Former flight operations head Christian Fitz will lead the new Quality, Collective Decision Making and Process Management division, which will be in charge of increasing cooperation with Vienna Airport and Austro Control.
Investing what would eventually be $100 million, the company formed a separate unit called Austro Engine GmbH and fast tracked its own certified diesel based on the same 0M640 Mercedes engine Thielert used as a base.
Contract notice: Concluding a framework agreement for the installation and commissioning of carrier equipment 2018-2021 for austro control gmbh.
The Austro AE300 we're covering in this issue is topped out at 180 HP--that's all there is, there ain't no more.
ADPnews) - Apr 16, 2010 - The Austrian air traffic authority, Austro Control, announced the closing of the airport in Linz from 2000 CET today, after the airports in Vienna and Salzburg were shut down, due to the volcanic ash cloud floating above Europe.
Contract notice: Information and telecommunication service - ict for austro control gmbh.
If new aircraft manufacturing ventures require a degree of faith to succeed, Austro Engine GmbH, grafted on to the side of the Diamond Aircraft factory in Wiener Neustadt, Austria must be the industrial equivalent of the Vatican.
ADPnews) - Dec 9, 2009 - Austrian Airlines (AUA) and low-cost competitor Fly Niki have demanded air traffic control company Austro Control to not raise its fees by about 13% in 2010.
Tender are invited for General planning services for the reconstruction of ops rooms in austro control gmbh.