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a geographical area in central and eastern Europe

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Ghosts of Home, written collaboratively by the literary critic Marianne Hirsch and the historian Leo Spitzer, is both a historical account and a memoir of the German-Jewish culture and life that once flourished in Czernowitz, the capital of the Bukovina, an enclave of the former Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
Finally, the refining of the lexicalisation of the red range, similar in the two unrelated languages, is conceived to be the product of strong contacts between the two within the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
Franz Kafka (1883-1924) and Bruno Schulz (1892-1942) were born into assimilated Jewish families of the multicultural and multilinguistic Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
The hotel, just a wedge shot from the grounds of the Palace of Versailles, was taken over by the hated Nazi Gestapo during the Second World War and was also the site of the 1920 signing of the Trianon Treaty, heralding the collapse of the Austrian-Hungarian empire.
Strakosch (1917), who investigated the agrarian economy in Galicia and Bukowina and in the Austrian part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire (Zisleithanien) in the first decade of the 20th century, explains the underdevelopment and the poverty of both states by their social history: characteristic features of the feudal order of Galicia and Bukowina had facilitated farming in their very special climate (very short springs, for instance) and the nature of their soil.