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With most of Otto's private property seized by the Nazis and then by the Austrian republic, he needed an income.
When the Austro-Hungarian Empire was shattered as a result of World War I and the Versailles Peace Treaty, most observers believed that the tiny new Austrian Republic could hardly survive.
We have to create new opportunities, not for membership but for a stronger partnership, underpinned by a financial instrument and based on a free-trade zone with the EUo, explained the Austrian Minister for Foreign Affairs, who is being encouraged by the EPP to run for the Presidency of the Austrian Republic.
The public petition, the 30th launched under the 2nd Austrian Republic, was tabled by Greenpeace with a view to counteracting the 29 new nuclear power station projects currently in the pipeline in Europe, notably in Finland, Russia, the Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Bulgaria and Romania.
In analyzing how Viennese Jews made the transition from the Habsburg empire to the Austrian Republic, Rechter offers a case study of Jewish politics and society.
In recognition of his distinguished career as a civil servant, he was ennobled by the Emperor Karl shortly before aristocratic titles were abolished under the First Austrian Republic.
Although the constitution of the first Austrian republic, adopted in October 1920, seemed to promise access for women to all areas of the legal profession, none achieved a judgeship before more authoritarian, anti-feminist, and anti-Semitic policies emerged in the 1930s.
After the 1918 revolution, Renner was the first Chancellor of the Austrian Republic.
Although the Nazis quickly solved the unemployment problem they froze wages unless productivity rose and German taxes were higher than they had been in the Austrian Republic.
He gives detailed accounts of the three major editions of Nestroy, from the necessary but amateurish Gesammelte Werke of 1890-1 via the Samtliche Werke of 1924-30, a major example of the scholarly recovery of Viennese culture in the First Austrian Republic, to the Critical Edition being undertaken by a pleasingly international team of scholars in which Britain is well represented.
Marz believes that the Austrian Republic created at war's end was so crippled at birth that it had scant chance for survival.
Together with the 9,049,681 Austria Tabak shares acquired from the Austrian Republic through Osterreichische Industrieholding Aktiengesellschaft on August 23, 2001 and the 12,549,868 Austria Tabak shares acquired during the initial offer period, which closed on September 27, 2001 and the result of which was announced on October 2, 2001, the Gallaher Group now owns a total of 21,806,894 shares in Austria Tabak, representing 99.
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