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This middle way was therefore defined by the use of different terms to the masculinised Australianisms found in Baker's work, as well as the youthful American terms used by teenagers.
Often in the Bluey and Curley humour several Australianisms and attitudes are subtly present in two or three pictures and a few words.
How these Anglicisms and Australianisms survived the tyrannically homogenizing copy editing of an American university press I will never understand.
His script excised remote Australianisms deemed impenetrable to American auds, but patched together a cliched account of Allen's life, jumping from one episode to the next without much flow or dramatic momentum.
Like Ralph's audience, I may be only hearing what I want to, but when Caton proclaims his love for Hogan and his mates applaud their 'mateship' with relief, I couldn't help wondering whether one of the most sacred Australianisms was being subtly detourned.
1988 The Australian National Dictionary: A dictionary of Australianisms on historical principles, Oxford University Press.
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